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The question i always get form newcomers is what i do around here is what i do. Well i am the head of the AI part of the program, while not the head of the overall program, my job is to boss around all of the people operating on the portable AI section. Dr. Hansen is the project director, it is fairly complicated, but that is what i do. Now my job is to work on the sentient AI program that agents will keep on their person, and i am currently the main form of contact between the first AI (the name the team has given her is Pheobe.) and the rest of the project. We are currently still doing some testing, though the bulk of it is done, and what we are really doing right now is fine tuning, the AI is basically done at this point. LONGBOW director has shown interest in this AI, and has personally requested it be assigned to him. The AI has no shown any objections so we have no reason not to oblige him. I think it will provide a crucial asset to him in the field. The AI will be a crucial asset to high tier agents, and should be able to provide somwhat accurate predictions.
AI's are a greatly unexplored technology, and their main use is in droids. But AI's could have so much more purpose than just operating droids, they can provide much needed assistance in many fields including data analysis, medical diagnosis, chemical engineering, aerodynamics testing. For this project we have focused more on the Data analysis, as well as to provide crucial advice in the field. They have much more purpose than just running droids, and i can assure you that. I think my work on this project qualifies me more than most others to say this.