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The purpose of Project Oracle is to create an AI that can manage large amounts of data, and use predictive algorithms to predict what will happen in the near future based on this data. Currently here at LONGBOW, we need teams of hundreds of top mathematicians, anthropologists, and general datacrunchers to make short term predictions, we hope to change that. We have almost everything we need to finish this AI, and we expect the AI to be up and running within a few weeks. The AI is highly advanced, and it was very difficult to get the infrastructure setup to meet the directors specifications, but after years of work we have it done. My logs of the project will be listed below.
Day 1
I have been given a mission by the director, he wants me to create an AI to run our predictive algorithms, so that we will no longer need the huge teams of data cruncher we currently have. It is a heavy task, the amount of incoming data we need to run these algorithms is huge, i have a doctorate in AI studies, but this is unprecedented levels of data. Luckily the director said he would pull a team together in order to accomplish this, he is also getting us a laboratory off from the rest of the base, it should be necessary, as this project is somewhat secret, and by somewhat i mean very.
Day 7
We have moved into the new labs, and the team is here too. This will be our workplace until we finish this project, and this will take awhile, current estimates run us at about 1-2 years, though that is slightly optimistic. The director wants reports given quarterly, and all i can do is oblige him. This project is going to cost alot of credits, and we are almost guaranteed to run over budget, but that hasn't deterred the director.
Day 157
We have run into a hitch, the processing power required to run this AI is getting larger and larger, so much so that it will be impossible to make portable, so we need to figure out a way to project the AI from a large mainframe to agents in the field, we are trying different routes, including subspace, and hyperspace. Well keep digging on this, another concern is keeping the mainframe secure, that is also an issue. We are working on solutions as i type this. Damn im not getting enough sleep.
Day 210
We solved the processing problem. We learned that most of the processing was taken up by the predictive algorithms, not the AI itself; So we have one large mainframe, which does the calculations, while we give each agent their own AI, which they keep on them in a much smaller, portable form, so that way the AI can still do situational analysis, even if it cannot run the predictive algorithms due to communications jamming. This central mainframe will have each AI taking the data it needs from the algorithms run by the mainframe. We hopefully got it down, but well keep working.
Day 472
Work is going well on the first of the oracle AI's, and we are constructing the mainframe housing as we speak. The mainframe is being kept in a secure location, i dont even know where it is, and the AI is being made here. We have come up with a plan in which we will allow the AI's personalities to develop on their own. There has been some debate on whether the AI's should be given the same respect as a normal organic, i tend to be on the side where we treat the AI's with the same respect, but it is about even.
Day 589
We have finished the first AI, we plan on giving her to the director, for him to use. You can tell that he is kind of lonely, not many droids of his type around, so maybe giving him this AI will make him feel somewhat better about it. We gave her the name Pheobe, we are still doing some testing, but we expect her to be done in a few months.
Day 623
We are finally done, the mainframe is up, and the first AI has been confirmed as stable, we are awaiting the go ahead for production of the AI's. We did good work here.
Almost two years ago i set out to create an AI that could predict into the near future, in order to allow our agents in the field to account for unexpected events, now we have finally completed this mission, and we have finally achieved that goal. I spent two years of my life on this, and i will not let this project go to waste. This will save alot of lives, i can tell you that.