So, more on that thought of regrowth. We’ve made a move from Eira Pechel, and are on Kattada. It’s a lot nicer of a world. Well, nicer for me at least. Tropical and coastal. I even was able to meet up with refugees from Dathomir. I traveled and trained there for a while, among the Blue Coral Divers. I checked with the Silver Concord, and with the fact that the Clan is less than violent, they were able to accommodate us under as long as we remained in accordance with the Jedi rules. Not too bad of an idea. Plus, most of the ones that were able to escape were our healers and protectors.

Anyway, working with the Clan, and the ideas we had learned when we arrived on Kattada, it meant that there was more to the Force and the connection to nature. Many of the Coral Divers have always had a connection to the seas, and the element of water. Folding ourselves into the Force through a different way. Jedi follow light, these witches, we follow water, and the nature of the ocean.

It is coming and going with the tides and the currents. And learning from the species within. It means that we’re able to learn what they can do, and maybe find how their own Force signatures can change under stresses. The Clan has been working on chasing down healing learnings. Actually, we have settled in Tidehome, a city beyond the islands of the Jedi Temple. The Elders of the Clan found the world a beacon of hope and the Force. Light was shining from everywhere on the island, and not just light and Ashla, but the balance in the Force. The Coral Divers are not concerned with light and darkness, we are concerned with nature, as chaotic as it is, but we’ve always been told we… look to the light.

We don’t try to enforce our will, but if we can learn from nature, we do our best to master that which we can. Our healers have found the world of Kattada to be welcoming and natural. There is much to learn, and we are working to provide assistance to our Jedi cousins, and those who can use our help. Maybe, the Elders suspect, we can become a force for good, and use our island as a hospital to those that need it, Concord or not…