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The days to come will demand the summation of the fiber and will of all of the Empire's finest. Just as the last war to bring about our very existence against a heretical state has come to an end, another trial awaits us. We stand before the brink before we lurch into the devastating flames once more. The Maw has made their challenge to the Galaxy. To bring about the end to their reign of chaos or to watch as the Galaxy burns. The Empire will suffer not this disease to continue its perilous course and disastrous spread through the infected veins of the Galaxy.

We have brought darkness low before - we will do it once more.

But recent events have made certain, hard truths self evident more than ever. The Galaxy is a morally bankrupt realm of scum and villainy. There are few realms exempt from the rampant corruption and subversion of darkness that threatens the security of our Empire. Just as the Silver Jedi Concord was once deeply infiltrated by the Sith- its very elected government doing the bidding of the Sith in the shadows. So too was the Galactic Alliance brought to its knees by so claimed fervent demagogue who convinced the government of the Alliance to turn its weapons unto its heroes and imprison those who fought for their sovereignty. As the Empire's leadership is seen as a threat that must be eliminated, the supposed adherents to light and good are seemingly so easily manipulated to the will and whims of evil.

We can not march through the breach with such a brittle trust in those we trust to be our allies. We can not leave our realm so vulnerable to the parasites that seek to infect it and spread their disease of darkness amongst our people.

By my will as rightful Sovereign of the Empire I decree the following orders be executed immediately across the Imperial realm.

We will not allow the fate and destiny of our Empire unlimited to be bound at the hip to an unstable republic.

The 'BASTION PROTOCOLS' defensive agreement - SUSPENDED.
The Empire will not entrust its defense to nations which have shown patterns of instability. The Empire will govern its own defense and the Empire will stand alone.

Borders of the Empire will be sealed, immigration in or out of the Empire - SUSPENDED.

Amnesty for former Sith-Imperials - SUSPENDED.

Generosity and forgiveness has been the standard for far longer than it should be. Those who continue to owe their loyalty to a state as dead as it was morally bankrupt, will be put to the sword.

Entry and expedited immigration process from all refugees of former Sith and Bryn'adul space will - SUSPENDED.

All non-vital commerce - SUSPENDED.

Only vital necessities and warfighting materials will be imported to the Empire.

This decree and its written actions shall stand in effect until my express and overt authorization to do otherwise.

Long live the Empire.

Long live the Imperial identity.

Long live the New Imperial Order.