How are you?
It's been a while. On Imerria, you and I hardly spoke. I know it was tough, for the both of us. Maybe in a way we both blamed each other for different things, for different reasons. The thing is, Cyril, I don't really care about that now. Mom kind of taught me something. What happened isn't important. Anything can be forgiven.
What matters most in this Galaxy is each other. We all matter, and family especially so.
I wanted to make a truce.
We're siblings. We shouldn't fight and hate each other. We need to stick together, especially now. Mother would have wanted it this way.
Oh! I do have some news to give you. Owain and I are engaged now. He didn't propose though. I had to do it for him, since he was dragging his feet so much. The idiot. But I guess he's my idiot now. I'm stuck with him, for better and worse. We, well, I would like you to come to the wedding, if you don't have anything else to do. It's not going to be a big affair. No need to take time off for it if you can't. I'll understand.
Speaking of, when are you going to get yourself a girlfriend, Cyril? I know that was something mom wanted for you. She thought it might make you a little happier if you had someone in your life. She did always want grandchildren, even if she refused to admit it. In the end, she had Zeldara, but, I mean, she's not really her's by blood. It's a little sad. And to be honest, I don't think I'm going to be ready for kids of my own for a long time. Maybe not ever. Who knows. I think mom would be super disappointed if she heard me say that, don't you?
I'm sorry. I keep bringing up mom. I probably shouldn't. It's just not easy to keep stepping around the topic. Do you miss her too? I do. Sometimes. Mostly when I have to make hard life decisions. I've been making a lot of those lately. Being an adult isn't half as easy as I thought it would be. I guess you've kind of been trying to tell me that though. Don't grow up too fast. I just don't listen very well, do I?
I want to talk to you in person. If you get this, please, respond with a day and place we can meet. Do not go out of your way for me. I will come to you. I kind of feel like I owe you at least that much.
I don't say it enough, Cyril, but I still love you.
Your Devoted Sister,