Hi. Um, through some meditation I decided to write down my troubles on a datapad. Not sure if it will do me any good, but it is worth a shot. Cause at this rate nothing is working. Been a while since I have typed on one of these things.

So anyways, lately I havvvvvvvvvv

vvvshoot I think I messed up. How do I backspace

I'll try and fix it later. As I was trying to say, lately my thoughts have been running wild. Ever since I was knighted by the Imperials, things just have been feeling off. I know I joined them to fight the Sith, but what happens when we aren't fighting them? What happens if we were to get into a fight with the Galactic Alliance? What if I had to fight my friends from the New Jedi Order?

But at the same time I fee like I'm betraying the Imperials if I were to leave. We shed blood together. You can't just betray people like that.

Well, some of the Jedi betrayed the order by teaming with the Sith.

Nerf, shouldn't have typed that.

Ok phew, I'm able to strike it through. At least it is a little better.

So right now I'm just lost. Either decision I make will end up hurting someone. My judgement has been so clouded. Maybe I should talk with Grandmaster Starchaser. He would know what to do.

Hopefully through some more mediation I'll find an answer. I don't get enough of it anyways, so it will be good for me.

Alright, so I guess this is Okkeus Dainlei, signing off. I'll make another entry if I have a solution.