Soooo... Tell me if you've ever heard this one before. Beat friend apparently dies because his wife is a schutta and she sold him out to the Sith for brown nose points. You have absolutely nobody else left, you're left to grieve for your dead best friend alone with nobody to support you in your pain. Annnd then about a year, maybe a half, later... Turns out best friends not dead. Turns out he's been hiding all this time, and couldn't be arsed to call or give some sign he was alive because he thought you'd turn him into the schutta who sold him out, despite your obvious desire to kill said schutta for what she did. And the only reason he called you now, apparently, is for a ride off planet.
Not sure how to feel. A Jedi isn't supposed to feel anger... But does it count as anger to consider pushing him out the exhaust port while we're flying over a forest on some deserted planet... Or whatever planet we end up on?
The Order would have my head if they knew I thought of that. Of course, some of them seem to want my head for breathing the same air. What the hell happened?
Alas... It's best not to dwell on the past too much. Only learn from it. That is the Jedi way, after all.
PS: Broke up another bar fight. Why does everyone pick bars to fight in? Must be the alcohol.
DragonsFlame, signing off.