Make: Koensayr
Model: BTR-47 Cormorant-class Light Freighter
Colour: Available in gray, white, or matte yellow
Trade-In Value: 95,000-120,000cr
Size Classification: Subcapital
Mission Profile: Unescorted transport or convoy light escort
Combat Role: The Koensayr Cormorant is not a warship. It mounts enough basic weapons and defensive systems to repel flights of starfighters or boarding operations. The Cormorant is somewhat sluggish compared to combat vessels of similar size, such as dedicated gunships.
Tech Level: Mid Rim civilian
Sensor Range: Standard
Hyperdrive Range: 10,000ly, suitable for crossing a sector or two before refueling.
Sublight Fuel Capacity: Interplanetary. The Cormorant can ferry cargoes between planets in the same system with ease.
Cargo Lift Mass: 110 tons, split between four bays
Supply Capacity: Without using its dedicated cargo space, the Cormorant can support a dozen crew and passengers for up to four months. For nutritional reasons, it is recommended to take on fresh foods weekly.
Amenities: Fresher, sonic shower, kitchenette, dejarik table, holo entertainment unit, limited machine shop, heated pilot seats.
System Strain Resistance: Like many Koensayr designs, the Cormorant is a durable and reliable ship. Its resistance to system strain, including ion cannon fire, is considerable. A pair of mechanical dianogas further improve the ship's resilience to system strain by allowing for quick repairs in obscure corners of the spaceframe.
Points of Strain: Aggressive hyperspace incidents, such as emergency jumps or interdiction, can easily knock hyperdrive components out of alignment. Repairs could take minutes, hours, or days. The power cables of the dorsal and ventral turrets run quite close to the hull: a lucky hit in the wrong place can cripple a good portion of the Cormorant's already modest firepower.