I've been writing a long time. My first character was created in 1999 on the old scifi vine. It was great I had all these stories in my mind places to go characters to develop. I take pieces of my personality placing it in my character.

Serena is my insecurity. The fear of doing the wrong thing but having the right intentions. Trying to get her to be stronger face her fear. I wrote a short about her losing her father. The death of a parent is one of the hardest losses to deal with. Serena has just started feeling her loss it will show more and more as stories are written.

Her empathy skills in dealing with emotions at first it has been everyone else's invading her mind. In time it is her own emotions that she will have to deal with.

She comes from a large, as do I. She for so long had the family to rely on they were her strength. as a Jedi she is often alone first because of her skill then because of her job. I often feel that way. I left home for a job in another state and I am the only one in my family to hold a master's degree. I feel alone because my job took me to a place where I have no family. No support. No strength. I tend to cling to people to combat my loneliness, and I become a bit of a nuisance. Serena shows some of this same behaviour.

However in time Serena will grow beyond this showing a strength I do not seem to possess. That is what I love. I can have my characters perform and grow beyond their frailties and weaknesses. So. When you're reading one of my characters you're seeing a piece of me learning to grow.

And to those I've been clinging to thank you for your patience. And I apologize for being a nuisance.