There is an old saying about leading a horse to water but not being able to make them drink.
It's a bit like offering help to someone you can offer but it doesn't mean they will take it.
I'm tired of trying. I hate admitting defeat but how long do you hit your head against a wall before it sinks in.
It hurts.
But hey it's only role play and this the internet. Who cares about hurt feelings.
So thoughts for the day.
This is play not real. Yep I got paid this week and it had nothing to do with Star Wars.
This is supposed to be fun, I have several threads which are a blast
People lie, and do hurtful things doesnt mean everyone does. So be choosie and wait for Jif
Smile even when you want to frown.
Today is not written. Have fun.
Off to work I go.!!!!