I gave you light when darkness took our skies,
I gave you strength when yours failed.

Come and see.

I ripped our enemies asunder,
I took the hands from those who dared to betray us.

Come and see.

I united the Clans when no other could
I gave you the courage to do what no other could.
I gave you purpose, meaning,
and I reminded you of our tenets
our faith
and our privilege.

I gave you my life,

And you took my home.

Come and see.


Every man, woman, and babe that follows the Liberator will be slaughtered like sheep
and your own eyes fed to my wolves.
You will listen to men's screams as I flay them alive
and then you will be marched to the Core of Manda'yaim
where I will lower you, inch by inch, for a thousand days and a thousand nights
until the flame takes you whole.

While I live, no other can claim to be what I am

what I have been

and what I will always be.

Come and see.

Ra Vizsla, Mand'alor the Undying, Crusader and First Herald of Death Watch
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