Mig sat there, focusing on glass of water in front of him. He eyed it, trying to focus, but... nothing. It just sat there. Still water. Mig groaned, about ready to just throw the cup away before an incredibly thin, scaly arm laid on his shoulder. "You're just as stubborn as your father. You can't be so focused on the troubles of the fleet right now. Not until you can do this." Mig looked over at the Trandoshan Mandalorian, Garil Orl, and brushed the twig-like hand aside.

"I get it Garil, but...." The Trandoshan sighed, sitting next to Mig.

"You understand the need for focus and self control when using the Force, right?" Mig just looked confused at the his trainer.

"Are you patronizing me?" He looked at the glass, bringing it over with the Force to drink a little. "I know how the Force works. That we need to keep a balance between the Light and Dark side. It's connection to the Ma...." Garil sighed, splashing some water into Mig's face.

"You know what I mean. You're too focused on what's going on around you, and not at the task at hand. You have to learn these basic skills, no matter how archaic the Jedi or Sith consider them, to master your more advanced skills." He demonstrated by freezing the water with Kryokinesis. "Lightning, Pyrokinesis, Kryokinesis, Telekinesis, Aerokinesis. All of these are the basis for so many skills that it is better to learn them before to peruse something like Alter Environment, or a Force Storm."

"I know. But I don't just have my family and clan to worry about now. I'm not sure whether this is the best idea right now."

"Mig, the stronger you are in the Force, the better prepare you'll be for the future. We both know we can't run from the Sith forever, and it's better to face them on more equal footing. Now, back to this, ok Alor?" Mig chuckled a little. Of course he would say just to get back to training. He was right though. Best to be ready for whatever the future held.
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