Mig sat in his family’s home/ship in New Dawn, taking a slow breath while he rocked one of his sons. He’d been looking at newsfeeds that day, and honestly worried quite a bit. He looked at little Souma before laying him back in his bed before he walked out to look at the town. Seemed like he only had questions.

The Alliance, New Imperials, and New Jedi Order seeming to ally with one another, questions coming up about the Silvers, hearsay and speeches of things that had happened on many battlefields.... Things from various frontlines and ideas of how to fight that made the Mandalorian shake in his armor. He looked back a the ship he still lived in. It wasn’t much, but it was his family’s.

Sometimes Mig wished he could do more in the Galaxy, especially considering how his people’s history sometimes played out. At the same time, being more of a background player had its advantages. He could get away. Did that mean he would just stay quiet if the time came to speak up? He looked at everything one more time. No. If the time came up he’d chew someone out, ask questions, get answers. Right now though, he heard the twins start to cry again. He did volunteer for this tonight.