My rough idea of character progression will be laid-down herein.
Currently, as a Knight, I feel that Dune should be focusing mainly on truly mastering more standard skills. I believe a Knight is like the idea of Shodan in Japanese martial arts. A fluent understanding of the basics but not a real master just yet. Some natural talents, of course, but not everything.
As he eventually progresses to Master, in-character I feel like he can branch out to 'higher mysteries'. Things like tutaminis, Force stun and such abilities. Things, in source materials, that are done by high-level Knights and Masters but aren't totally unheard of. I don't want to contract a case of 'speshul snowflake syndrome' and suddenly have ultra-rare skills like Malacia and Morichro and, to some extent, battle meditation.
Because he will be focusing on Force powers, he will move slowly away from his lightsaber. It doesn't make sense that a character would be an all encompassing badass who knows all seven forms and more rare styles and a whole bunch of rarer abilities which are described as taking years to learn.
Maybe I'll do the green crystal thing.
Maybe I'll just stay an explorer-scholar-artifact hunter. I do like the freedom of traveling and varieties of adventure.