Using the inspiration of my favourite High Council member (besides Obi-Wan) Kit Fisto and Kao-Cen Darach, I want to make yet more slight alterations. This is just a way of putting down ideas in a somewhat more organized way.
Kit was a Council Member and powerful, but he didn't really have super-exotic abilities. When I think exotic skills, I think of Oppo Rancisis and Yarael Poof. Kit was simply creative with his, for the most part, standard abilities. That's what I was thinking of doing.
I know you can do pretty much whatever here in this sandbox, but I want to somewhat follow source materials. Exotic skills like Malacia and Battle Meditation were unusual. In order to gain these skills, a character would have to study them for years intensively. This would be at the expense of fighting skill.
At the end of the day, I like the lightsaber and heavily associate it with the Jedi archtype. It's the sword of the 'white knight' of stories.
Darach is referenced because he incorporated basic Force skills like telekinesis. Dune might do that to supplement the fundamentals of Niman and make up for his lack of physical size and strength with augmentation a la most Jedi.