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[background=[b]NAME:[/b] R'onin Hex'en Wendigo
FACTION: The Galactic Republic, The New Jedi Order ,The Silver Sanctum Coalition

[background=[b]-[/b] Jedi Padawan
[background=- Rogue Padawan[/size]
[background=- Kashi Shaman
[b]SPECIES: [/b] Human(Kashi)/Firrerreo Hybrid
AGE: 20
[background= Standard Years ( but is roughly barely out his teen and not nearly a man in kashi terms)[/size]
[background=[b]SEX:[/b] Male
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 157 lbs.
EYES: Dark Jade Green with small dark brown blotch on rim of his left eye iris.
HAIR: Dark Auburn brown

[background=[b]SKIN:[/b] Light Brow

[background=[b]Jedi Masters:[/b] Sky Kerberos ,Iella E`ron ,Coci Heavenshield

[background=[b]Mother: [/b]Jedi Ja'den He'xen ( Jedi Master Explorer)
[background=[b]Father: [/b]Dra'chen Ookami of Clan Wendigo ( Captain/ Guardian of the Breath )

[background=[b]STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :[/b]
[background=* Strengths :[/size]
[background=- Has excellent mechanical and ship repair skills.[/size]
[background=- Verse in some the use of both[url="http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kro_Var"] Kro Var[/url] and the Guardian of Breath

[background=* Weakness :[/size]
[background=- Bi[color=rgb(175,175,175)]t of air of cockiness ,smart ass attitude, q[/color]uite the rebel and somewhat brash to most those that don't know him well.
[background=[size=3]- Has a somewhat standoffish and dismissive attitude to other and to force users at times due to his memory loss.

[background=[color=rgb(175,175,175)]Ronin not particularly outstanding and at best seem all but too ordinary at first glance Standing with a bit of air of cockiness and smart ass attitude most youth have at that age. He has a Medium built frame his hair cut slightly short and with a slight toss look to it. That for the most part doesn't make him stand out and could blend in with the crowd. That is until one gaze deep into his fairly unique shade of jade green eyes. That for the most part was seem although now uncommon but back then was fairly normal to those of his fathers house. [/color]

[background=[color=rgb(175,175,175)]That as best being as young and mostly left to his own. Ronin hides and learn to somewhat put up a decent persona in which to hide under from other. Using it to the best of his ability as a second skin. One which he seemingly take on once he begin wears a dark brown coat, Brown pants with red stripe running down the center, Navy blue vest, white shirt and Dark brown boots. Quite the rebel and somewhat brash to most those that don't know him well. It can be quite the surprise for few when once finally get break thru that rough tough exterior of him and really get know him.[/color]
[background=[color=rgb(175,175,175)]- Dark brown coat, Brown pants, Navy blue vest, white shirt and Dark brown boots.[/color]
- Leather Bandoleer holster around his waist .
- Small brown satchel slung over his shoulder at times to carry supplies.


[background=[b]* Double sabers (top) Handed down from his Mother and ( bottom) crafted during his apprenticeship under Master Sky Kerberos.[/b]
[background=[color=rgb(175,175,175)][background=Given his somewhat troubled past and unknown reason behind his memory loss he can be quite bold, cocky and brash. Untrusting of other and have a bit of a stand offish attitude or uncouth manner about him. Though once you get know him he sort lightens up. A bit of a joker and with a sly sense of humor that may or may not go well with other. Though one can truly say he's not without a heart and can be very passionate about things that he sets his mind to.[/size][/color]
[background=[color=rgb(175,175,175)][background=That he can be pigheaded or stubborn and doesn't take no or failure lightly. But with his street smart skill and slightly fair knowledge of basic force use. Which he at best just happen to unknowingly tap into in time of need. He seem to get the job done more or less.....though with his memory loss. He can no less be dismissive or at times doubtful about the force.[/size][/color]
[background=[font='times new roman']As a young Firrerreo named Ja'den He'xen always dream of become a Jedi but as fate would have it. That just few months shy after her Knighthood she and her Master Rialo Kev was off on a Mission of exploration. Come into contact with one the few remaining Kashi refugee clans. That great Gulag Plague swept over the galaxy, as all hell broke loose her Masters death in midst of it all. Dying so valiantly in order to save her and a few of the survivors into one the last evacuating ship. That she since then that no sooner had they been taken to safety. Far away and in relative safety dedicate her life to the Order and to safeguarding the few remaining surviving Kashi. All in the efforts of honoring his dying Master memory. She come to the realization her dream and soon earns rank of Master. That affords her chance to aid in resettling the last remaining surviving Kashi to a new home world. Where she become increasingly close to one of its clan leader son. And with it, one thing lead to another before either one knew it the two became intimate. Despite the clan leader hesitation to the union given the Kashi culture and him being his only son. And was by clan law was betrothed to be married to another clan leader daughter. AS with Ja’den, bound to her oath as a Jedi and old codes in regards to attachment. At which case with all that was at stake the two eventually choose and forsaken everything. Choose to leave and run away thought it had been a hard choice for either one make for love. That all but broke the clan leader heart that in that chance moment a rival family seize the opportunity. Exacting to rally the others along with his son betrothed family to rally against the clan leader. Cause the death of their family and the eventual takeover of the rival family for leadership of the clan. Who in vain attempt to secure their hold on their ill gotten grab for power. Had the clan shamans to put a curse on the former clan leader’s son and child. One which would lead former clan leader’s son to be trapped for all eternity in chaos realm. And that for his child, that he be cursed for all eternity as well to never be able to cross over to be one with the breath. That he should remain trap in new form with the aid of the Breath though each time he died. And returns he would come loose more and more of his memory. Till eventually none his memory remains and this would be his curse that is until such time he is able break his father free from the curse. And the two could find peace….[/font]
[background=[font='times new roman']At any rate since them unaware of this the two shared and seem lived a fairly peaceful life. With a son born to them whom they named R’onin. The pair soon ended up in Corellian where they eventually marry and settle make a homestead for themselves. But as fate or the force would have it no sooner had they had their first child whom they named R’onin was came of age as a toddler. Though at first the couple tried to deny it but eventually they could not. For much of it was clear to Ja’den on the day he was born. That if nothing else her son was indeed force sensitive. And as much the two could tried to bring up their son as normal they could. That is until one day R’onin began have strange nightmares. Which he was at first reluctant tell his parents….especially when it was regarding to their death.[/font]
[background=[font='times new roman']When Captain Dra’chen past caught up with him and their simple home life was shattered. After a slight altercation with a passing trader in town one day lead to a hunter recognizing him. And seem all too eager to cash in on the bounty on his head the hunter raided their home. In the hopes of capturing Captain Dra’chen who was then forces to fight to defend his home and family.[/font]
[background=[font='times new roman']Which he valiantly did but the odds were stack against them. And if it were not for a passing stranger that jumps in help things could turn out differently. Thought in the end with his father dead and mother near death she turns to the stranger that no sooner had been revealed be a Jedi named Sky Kerberos. In which time despite her own misgiving she asks with her dying breath to take his son. To the temple where he could train and live.....have the chance she never had. And so with a heavy heart the Jedi agreed. At which time after giving the young Ronin parents a decent burial. The pair then set off try to head towards the Jedi temple where he eventually ended up as her apprentice. Though in time she seems eventually fell to the Darkside and he was then in keep with his Jedi code. Been task to assist in bring her in to be place on trial for her misdeed which with a heavy heart he refused. And for time feeling conflicted upon hear of her loss. That he became dishearten and frustrated as he is unable to progress in his training as such being passed around from one Master to another. Who for one reason or another felt him be unready to take the trial and he was eventually pass off to another Master for training. This went on until eventually he came into be taken up by Master Iella E`ron. Who seem he somehow hit it off and slowly but surely began find the will to progress in his training. That is until that fateful day when for reason unknown to him till this day the two became separated.[/font]
[background=[font='times new roman']And eventually he found himself badly injured alone in some distant mining colony remembering nothing of his past. With the only clue to his past found with him was a pair of sabers. He ended up wandering the outer rim on his own take up odd job and fends for himself as best he could. Till a chance meeting with a stranger in a dinner change it all and he come to return back to continue his training as a Jedi….under a fairly different Jedi Order and chance to hopefully help unlock his past.[/font]
[background=Name: Black Wraith[/size]
[background=History: A ship he happen find in one the scrap heaps behind the temple sometime since his return. And have been patiently try to rebuild or repair on his spare time.[/size]
[background=[b]BOUNTIES COLLECTED: 0[/b]
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