Disclaimer: This is not aimed at any specific person or group, this is buckshot because there are people that are like this all across the board sadly.

So, news flash for the people out there who find themselves getting worked up over Chaos. NONE OF THIS BS MATTERS. This board isn’t all there is to life. Your accomplishments here, the empires you build, and the popularity you’ve/your character/your faction gained, none of that matters in the real world.

Can you be happy about writing a story you enjoy? Sure. Can you be excited if your faction is succeeding? Of course. Should you get upset if things don’t go the exact way you want them to? No, that's what children do.

Once you start allowing the BS that happens on this board to get under your skin you need to take a step back from the monitor and remind yourself that this doesn’t matter. When you start living through your character and take their accomplishments as being something revolutionary to make up for your life, you need to take a break from the site.

But Waddles, what about you, aren’t you just trying to get on your soapbox for e-fame?
Sorry to disappoint, but nah. There's no sort of fame to be gained on Chaos. I don’t see Chaos as anything important for myself. I come here to write Jedi and Sith because I sadly can’t have the Force in real life. Doesn’t matter to me what people on this board think of me. Every person on this site could turn around tomorrow and say they hate me. Cool, I’m still gonna write what I want to write because that's what I’ve come here for. If someone hates me for being me, well that's an issue for them to deal with. Not me. What is important to me though is that people take a more mentally healthy approach to the board.

Someone doesn’t like you on the board? Good, doesn’t matter what they think, they have no impact on you or the life you live. Your factions slowly dying or not picking up steam? Sorry bud, sometimes your idea isn’t gonna catch on with everybody or has worn out its welcome. Learn from the experience and next time use that knowledge to hopefully do better. You’re not popular? Why the F*CK does popularity matter here, you’re writing Star Wars. It shouldn’t be about popularity or who’s cool, just talk to people and write some fun stories because let’s be real, no one’s that cool on this board.

Don’t shut people out because they’re not part of your friend group or are new to the board. This isn’t an Us vs Them, at least a site like this should never become like that. If you feel yourself getting that sort of mentality into your head: Stop. Look in the mirror, and think about why you’re taking it that seriously. More often than not the reasoning is gonna be BS.

This site isn’t gonna improve your life. Your character being considered the baddest mofo in the galaxy isn’t gonna change your real life. You can’t add that to your resume. It doesn’t matter what you feel like your accomplishments are on here. What truly matters is coming here, writing stories, having a healthy amount of fun while making connections with people.

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