Chandra Calls for Elections, Seeks to Strengthen Mandate

In a surprise move during a seemingly routine Centaxday session of the Galactic Alliance Senate, Chancellor Adhira Chandra Adhira Chandra took to the chair to declare the formal dissolution of the legislative body. This seldom-used relic of executive authority, vested solely in the office of the Chancellor, places the Senate in recess and directs all member planets to send new delegates to Coruscant according to planetary custom. While planetary monarchs will be scrambling to appoint new Senators, democratic planets will prepare to hold the first planet-wide elections held in years.

While rare, this move by Chandra has been anticipated for weeks by political scholars. Initially enjoying wide support and popularity within the Alliance, the recent war has sent the Chancellor's approval rating into a free fall and while support among the Federalist Bloc remains steadfast, the growing opposition of the other political factions within the Senate have tied Chandra's hands on more than one occasion. Now, analysts see an opportunity for other prominent Senate leaders to claim the coveted office of one of the most powerful collectives in the galaxy.


"On the advice of the Cabinet and in the interest of strengthening this sacred union, I, as Chancellor, do hereby dissolve the Senate," Chandra's careful phrasing underscored her desire to seem impartial in this decision. Meanwhile, Chancellery insiders claim that the idea was put forward by the Chancellor herself in a desperate attempt to demonstrate to the Alliance that she has a strong mandate to govern.

While still early in the electoral process, rumors continue to ripple of a corporatist challenger in Senator Gat Tambor. Meanwhile, the Populist Bloc seems ready to put forward a unique nomination is Senator Annasari Vahl of the planet Jakku. Rounding out the race, the Imperliast Bloc seems poised to nominate the controversial Marlon Sularen to the Chancellery. While the outcome of this election will no doubt be highly anticipated by all corners of the galaxy, time will tell whether Chandra's gambit will play in her favor.