I've learned a lot from sparring with Hoath so far. I've a ways to go, but the basics seem to have stuck. I've been sparring in my off time with some of the clan which has gone well. Generally, I could hold my own against the younger warriors and usually had my shebs handed to me by the veterans. Being the lone marksman in your clan can be a bit of a pain at times.
So far, though, I've noticed that the sparring matches with the younger warriors have gotten... cleaner? Smoother? It no longer feels as much of a brawl as it did before. Before we'd just toss or throw the other or try and pin them down and force them to tap out. Now, it's not quite as... rushed, I guess would be the word. Perhaps 'rough' would be a better term. It feels much easier now than it did before.
Grappling comes easier and I've figured out better counters and holds to make the sparring easier on me and easier to fight. In fact, I'm pretty sure at least one or two of the techniques I've figured out could be pretty devastating if followed through entirely.
The old timers and veterans are still at the top of the pack, though. That said, I have caught one or two off guard with the new tricks and techniques, but they still know far more than me. As far as holding my own against the vets in the clan, I'm where I've always been. On my shebs wondering how I got there.
Thankfully, the lessons Hoath taught me make landing on my rear end a little less painful and I've noticed I can fight for longer now that I know how to handle getting tossed and thrown around. With luck, maybe I can finally hold my own at some point. I'd say I'd like to be able to beat the vets at their own game, but I think that's a long way off.