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[background=EXCLUSIVE: Jorus Merrill Biffs It[/size]
  • [background=He’s been everywhere, flown everything, but multiple sources tell us that he’s finally wiped out. Jorus Merrill, the hyperspace explorer who spent six years as Master of First Knowledge, seems to have crashed a Jedi training ship on Hoth. And so far it looks like the only casualties are Merrill and his ego. More as the situation develops...[/size]

[background=Jedi Strike Team -- In Spandex?[/size]
  • [background=Sources confirm that a major Jedi strike team on Coruscant stripped way down for the assault on the Valley of the Dark Lords. The worst (or best) was the armored spandex bodysuit worn by Mara Merrill, the Jedi-trained philanthropist who’s believed to be the team’s guide through the tight tunnels of the Coruscant undercity. Jedi Masters Jacen Voidstalker and Meeristali Peradun are also believed to have worn a combat leotard. Who wore it better? Exclusive pictures from Burlap Brigade...[/size]

[background=Mysterious Jedi Babe Raids Kuat Drive Yards[/size]
  • [background=Who’s this Jedi fighting alongside a mercenary crew? Is she modeling for the KDY security cameras? And why does she look so much like ex-Grandmaster Selena Halcyon, star of the infamous hot tub special? Remember, Burlap Brigade pays top credit for the right intel...[/size]

[background=Republic Jedi Take Overdue Shore Leave In The Classiest Possible Way[/size]
  • [background=In a two-pronged offensive against hidebound tradition, the Republic’s Jedi Order has been dispatched to hang out on Zeltros and sunbathe by a lake on Ambria. “The Zeltron people have welcomed the Jedi with open arms,” said one anonymous Jedi Knight. “And best of all, they understand the principles that the Republic Jedi are all about: attachment is forbidden, commitment is forbidden.” You go, girl.[/size]

[background=We Love Coci Heavenshield[/size]
  • [background=She’s a mother, she’s a career girl, she’s forever young, and gorram if her massive and proportionate husband isn’t the luckiest man around. Burlap Brigate worships at her altar regularly. But is there trouble in paradise? And do those robes conceal another baby bump? After the jump, the latest and greatest exclusive relationship gossip from inside the secret Silver Jedi temple on Shri-Tal...[/size]

[background=Telempathy For All: SJO’s War On Spice Reaches Kessel[/size]
  • [background=Medical glitterstim advocates cheered today as the Silver Sanctum Coalition moved into the Maw. “Glitterstim is so misunderstood,” says one Silver Jedi Padawan, speaking anonymously. “Once we lock the cartels out of the supply chain, we can explore glitterstim’s potential for healthful, communal use. It’s a remarkable substance…”[/size]

[background=Yet Another Conclave, Yet Another Council For The Republic[/size]
  • [background=Anonymous sources confirm that the Republic’s Jedi Order is meeting to reorganize the Jedi Council. Since the Republic is only believed to have two or three Jedi Masters, though, we may wind up seeing a Council composed of Knights. But who? Husky heartthrob Veiere Arenais? Shadowy Naboo nobleman Cyril Grayson? Musclebound Zator Carr? Controversial but gorgeous Sochi Ru? Stay tuned...[/size]