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[background=Back From The Dead, Darron Wraith Shares His Hair Secrets[/size]
  • [background=Ex-Grandmaster and noted hunk of manflesh Darron Wraith is back and better than ever. So is his hair. We’re talking twelve inches of blonde goodness. Not a split end in sight. We had to know: What’s his regimen? How does he stay so youthful, when he was practically the last Grandmaster who was old enough to drink?[/size]

[background=‘I Was A Kerrigan Love Slave’: Interview With An SJO Padawan[/size]
  • [background=Is Siobhan Kerrigan a Jedi? We’ve debated that question here at Burlap Brigade, but nobody’s debated it more than Padme Kenobi (name has been changed), a nubile brunette Padawan from Voss with a stunning story to tell....[/size]

[background=Josiah Denko Shares Legendary Family Recipes[/size]
  • [background=From puff cake to dry rub, Master Denko’s cooking has been a fixture of Jedi shindigs across the Outer Rim. Now he gives us the inside straight on his secret cooking arts, and the scandals behind his greatest culinary successes...[/size]

[background=Gizkas Ripped My Flesh: Encounters With The Ultimate Sith Lord Pet[/size]
  • [background=Terentateks. Tuk’ata. Sith Wyrms and Hssiss Dragons. The Dark Side’s creatures can be lethal. But few can match the unbridled ferocity of the legendary apex companion beast of the Korriban Sith Academy: the venomous gizka. Burlap Brigade presents three unedited, unrated, firsthand accounts of survival against the deadliest odds...[/size]

[background=Chatos Academy Names Youngest Weapons Master Yet[/size]
  • [background=At seventeen, Burlesk Hunc is an entire year younger than his predecessor, but nobody can doubt his work ethic. Trained in Vaapad since the age of nine, he’s also held down a prestigious modeling contract with Akure Interstellar for three seasons. We catch up with Master Burlesk in the Cularin system for a heart-to-heart on the future of Jedi combat training…[/size]

[background=Mandalorians Attack Non-Existent Jedi Academy[/size]
  • [background=Confusion resulted last Taungsday as a Mandalorian Empire strike force assaulted the Temple of Pomojema, a millennia-old ruin in the Circarpous system, believing it to be a Jedi academy. The temple has no Jedi history, apart from a brief visit when the Republic pacified the system. We spoke with Mandalorian raider Der’p Fett about the poorly targeted but overwhelming assault and the Republic’s response. At this time, none of the Jedi Councils has a comment...[/size]

[background=Lightsaber Crystal Petition Slashed From Agenda[/size]
  • [background=A petition to rename all lightsaber focusing gems to ‘kyber crystal’ has been suspended after allegations of historical revisionism. We reached Jedi Master Legen D. Kanan at the Jedi Academy on Yavin Four, which is no stranger to historical controversy. “Some people just need to rock the boat,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, we know so little about the time before the Dark Age that it would take more than one new detail to invalidate so much that we do know. Just look at this site, for example. A few people even believe that Luke Skywalker never trained his Jedi students here. Nonsense. But that kind of thinking is very much in vogue.” [/size]

[background=BREAKING: Jedi Census Ends In Chaos[/size]
  • [background=The Inter-Order Committee on Combined Statistics suspended their census efforts today. “We barely know how many Jedi academies are functioning right now,” said one senior Master, speaking anonymously. “We have no idea how many Jedi there actually are. Some Jedi affiliate with more than one academy or government; others don’t have any government loyalties at all. Still others use multiple names, even false identities. Then there’s the issue of self-reporting bias: many people that you and I would call Jedi don’t consider themselves to be Jedi, and many people who would consider themselves Jedi don’t pay the slightest attention to the Code.” At that point, a debate erupted in the foyer. The phrase ‘no true Jedi’ featured prominently. Exclusive coverage is ongoing. Stay tuned for updates.[/size]

[background=Hottest Jedi Grandmaster - GO[/size]
  • [background=The Ben Watts cheekbones. The Kiskla Grayson pout. The Thurion Heavenshield profile. The Corvus Raaf smolder. The Teferi Efreet ear twitch, if you’re into that. We’ve had some gorgeous Grandmasters. Sure, Je’gan Olra’en was sort of plain, but he’s the exception that proved the rule. Tell us all your hot Grandmaster stories -- steamy alchaka training, undercover missions on pleasure planets. You name it, we want to hear about it.[/size]

[background=COUNTERPOINT: Humanocentrist Bias RAMPANT In Jedi Leadership[/size]
  • [background=Delis’us is a rising star in the Alliance, and a fierce defender of the New Jedi Order. A Twi’lek Jedi Knight, she spends her free time tackling species-related stigma in Jedi organizations across the galaxy. “The New Jedi Order breaks new ground for representation,” she said, wearing a fetching and flattering traditional Twi’lek outfit. “We have a nonhumanoid leader. No Jedi organization has had one of those since the days of Teferi, and alien representation on the Jedi Councils has been almost as slim...“[/size]