- Speaker Advikas
- Hierarch Selkollar
- Overseer Kel'bad
- Chieftain Khaeus
- Holy Citadel of the Draelvasier & the Ish'makra Council -

Following the loss at Yurb against the Silver Jedi and destruction of Ylesia, the Ish'makra council meets to discuss the actions undertaken by the Chieftain himself...


From across the territory of the Bryn'adûl, the Ish’makra had gathered today. Today, Tathra stood alone amidst a crowded and angry gathering of all those who had only months ago considered him a nigh infallible leader. Instead now he stood on the podium, the massive Drael on display for them all as he was questioned and prodded at. He, who had birthed them, was not at their mercy. An indignant and foul feeling crept through him in the moments leading to the session’s beginning. But the tenants remained true, he was accountable all the same, just like any other Draelvasier.

They had been speaking for some time now. Ylesia was still freshly burned, they had lost the entire planet to the infection. Tathra had barely escaped with his life, Sethrak - his rescuer was in critical care.

All that could be present for this, were. It was important.

“Ylesia, the outbreak. You say Grendrada acted alone?” One of the six Speakers of the Barricas that were present, Advikas asked. Tathra knew him as a supporter of mutagen experiments. No doubt he held some stake in the outcome of this hearing, this investigation.

“Not entirely.” Tathra responded. The research into finding a cure for the bioweapon the Humans had used against them at Yurb had been a secret, only a few had known.

“Not entirely, sire? Could you elaborate on the particulars of your relationship with the late scientist?” The Hierarch interjected, sitting tall among the other Seers. Selkollar was their leader, the senior of their numbers and a close friend, one of guidance. But even he had not known of their operations on Ylesia.

"Our working relationship was to discover a cure for the bioweapon encountered at Yurb. Grendrada's experiments however yielded the opposite, a more volatile and dangerous pathogen." Tathra explained.

“Why did the governing overseers of mutation and science not know of this? Why did you not tell us?” Overseer Kel’bad asked. A fair question, but an ignorant one.

“We could have avoided this disaster entirely!” Came a stray voice from the membership of the councillors. Her words were echoed by an eruption of angry voices.

Tathra exhaled, looking away from a moment. Searching for some sort of respite, yet under so many eyes that was impossible. It reminded him of when he was young, when he knew nothing. To feel that again was… strange.

“Only two members of the Tachael-Vemnak, the scientists involved and I knew about this project. Grendrada acted alone in sanctioning unsafe experiments without my knowledge.” Unfortunately for him, those Vemnak members were dead.

“We know of whom you speak, Chieftain of Drael. But they are not among us, not of the living. We cannot confirm the claims you make.” Hierarch Selkollar spoke, Tathra was the sole survivor who knew of the project.

The distrust, the doubt - why? So many victories, all for nothing. Where was their loyalty?

“As is an entire planet no longer with us, we lost millions of our kind! When the infectious hivemind took control of Tathra Khaeus’ mind, it obliterated our forces militarily!” Came from the Barricas Speaker Advikas.

First Yurb, and then Ylesia. One mistake after another, the trust vested in him as leader, as Chieftain; had been shaken. He felt it, felt it in his bones and the cold and depraved gazes that lunged at him from the stands.

The Titan got not get a word in before another spoke.

“If another enemy were to capture you, for an extended period of time. What more would be at risk? What else would they know that the council does not?” Kel’bad prodded, she always was an analytic, and never had a vested interest in seeing Tathra remain Chieftain - he had denied many of her more radical operations within the Vemnak for years. This could be her opportunity to get more control, or so she thought.

They thought wrong. Tathra would fight this, two mistakes did not an incompetent leader make. He had led them for decades, accelerated their progression as a species from the brink to an apex predator. He would not continue to be silenced by those who sat idle and watched as he did his duty.

“I will continue my campaign against Concord! I will take their worlds. The warriors are loyal to me, and for good reason. If any of you believe me unfit for the title of Chieftain I say here and now, challenge me! You all hold the right of the Graghk-ro'ka! Hold true to the Morad’kai and face me for my title! I will not have nearly half a century of my life stripped away from me over doubts and fear!” Tathra spoke loud, shouting over the top of the voices of the council; arms wide and palms open, a gesture of challenge.

“We are not discussing your position as Chieftain, sire.” Selkollar responded quickly, assertively - he did not wish for Tathra to be replaced and nor did he wish for civil war.

“Well some of you may well be fit to see me removed, but I daresay none of you are ready to remove me yourselves.” Tathra responded, his words slick with spite directed at those cold and vicious stares. Like vultures, they’d wait for him to fall.

He had no plans of doing so.

"However, we are concerned about your intent to attack the Concord. After the losses we have suffered at Yurb AND Ylesia, our forces our stretched thin across the scope of our territory. You have reformed our military branches, rebranded and re-organised our naval forces. But.."

"But is it enough?"

"It will be."