The Bryn'adûl | Creed of Strength

With the inductions of new species and the opening of our borders, the definition of loyalty has became a subject of debate among our territories. Thus a creed for all citizens of the Bryn'adûl, old and new was created. So that all may to follow truly.

-Never jeopardise the Bryn'adûl.
-Never betray your brothers and sisters.
-Never show mercy.
-Show honour, and integrity when on the field of battle.
-Never be cruel, it is wasteful.
-You may raid, you may pillage. But always remain true.
-When travelling beyond our borders, never leave our technologies or fallen kin behind.
-Oust any tenabrak or be named one yourself.
- Do not betray the tenets.
-Do not betray the will of the Chieftain.
-All species must be fluent in each species' language; [Draelvasier, Ungullian, Vaydralen, Thrum'ne].
-Merit, respect and wisdom rule above all.