The broadcast opens in an office. Auteme sat on a simple beige couch, legs crossed, looking at the camera.

"Hi there." She smiled warmly, but her eyes fell ever so slightly, a reminder of the dire situation the Alliance found itself in. Nonetheless, her voice was confident and oration measured.

"For those of you who might not know me, my name is Auteme Denko-Durren. I represent Epoch in the Alliance Senate, and I'm a Jedi Knight, formerly of the New Jedi Order. I wanted to speak to you – I know it's a stressful time right now; there's quite a lot to do, but if you'll allow me, I'd like to start with a short history lesson.

"Over thirty-seven thousand years ago, the Tho Yor pyramids gathered individuals from over a dozen species and took them to Tython, which would become the home of the Je'daii Order, precursors to the Jedi. There they learned to harness the Force, and quickly came to understand the world's importance, its mystery, its weight in the Force. It can be hard to believe, if you've never been, but Tython really does have a unique feel to it. Many planets are as beautiful and wild, yet every time I've been there, I've been awed by its very presence, to just stand on its earth.

"It's not a place that can be tamed, nor one that will be ours forever. From where I'm sitting, I feel like I can see it – a bright light for the galaxy. Yet, I've never met anyone who understands it; there's no simple through-line, single narrative that defines such a world.

"I'm sure you've heard Darth Solipsis's message. Death, rebirth, 'freedom'; all the hallmarks of the corrosive ideology of the Sith in a single threat to the galaxy. He sees Tython as something to be broken, destroyed, tearing the foundation of the galaxy from under us, to unmoor us from our past and throw us into a future he wants. It's compelling, in a way, but equally terrifying.

"It's compelling because he can see the problems. He sees the imbalances of power that our galactic systems create, he sees stagnation and corruption in our politics, he sees the shackles resting on so many. At times I feel the same way as him – that it could be better for some strong hand to split the river, take hold of things, change and uproot everything in sight to give way for some better galaxy. And, like anyone, I'm tempted by that vision; a chance to finally use my power, to be in charge, to do right how I see fit.

"Solipsis says, 'Come to me, if you are strong like me. Only the strong'. The Brotherhood of the Maw is filled with these 'strong' people. They show their force and strength in grand displays – bombarding Noris to spite the New Imperials, striking deep into the Core, destroying Csilla. Solipsis declares war, calls for the death of the enemy; the Jedi, the Alliance, all those old things that must be destroyed. He says that you are slaves, and that if only you willed to free yourself, you could take hold of the galaxy and destroy that which you hate.

"Solipsis, Kaigann Fossk, is formerly Epoch royalty. He's a supremely powerful Force user who's trained with other powerful Force users. He commands vast armies and fleets of fanatics. He has never been a slave in the same way he says you are. He says he is change, but really he's a dying breath, a backlash spurred by an attempt to replace an already terrible system of oppression under the Sith with a worse one of total enslavement and Sith supremacy.

"His community of strength is one that demands those who join him are strong like him – powerful, Force-sensitive, belligerent. Vulnerability is met with exploitation and degradation. He sees things either as to be broken or to help with breaking. Anything he makes is merely a means to subject more things to his power. There can never be a middle ground with such an ideology – either he loses, or we die.

"And that's terrifying. I don't know about you, but I don't really want to die."


"It's easy, I think, to take Solipsis's view – that Tython is important, that it's some great symbol, that if he succeeds in taking it, defacing it, he's won. But really, it feels like another world in a long line. How many systems have the Maw conquered and enslaved? When you look up at the stars, sometimes it feels as though those distant lights are being snuffed out, one by one.

"We've seen this terrible war taking shape, pushed by a man who says he will break the wheel but who has only perpetuated the cycle of violence. Because it doesn't stop – should he destroy Tython, Solipsis will only move on, to the next, and the next, and the next. There is no future with the Maw, there is only a great boot stamping on the galaxy forever.

"The Alliance is vulnerable. The galaxy is. Solipsis won't stop until we stop him, and in the present moment, I don't think the Alliance can do things alone. Our Defense Forces are struggling to hold back the tide, and our political leaders seem… confused, under the stresses of the moment.

"I'm afraid. Because we know where Solipsis is coming, and this seems like the time to stop him, but we don't wholly have the means. If we are to stop him, we must weather this dark journey together.

"Citizens of the Alliance, I know this is a difficult time. But I've seen your courage – not only in the face of terror, at Empress Teta and elsewhere, but also in the support of the war effort, to stop the Brotherhood of the Maw. We're in danger, but I ask of you once more for your bravery. Do whatever you can. If you're able and willing, enlist in the Defense Forces. The government of Epoch will be forming a new Common Soldier Corps and will train and equip any Alliance citizen willing to fight on Tython. Go to your representatives – remind your Senators of what is at stake, your leaders of where the Maw will go next if they are not stopped here.

"Citizens of the galaxy, I implore you to do the same. Solipsis will not stop simply with Tython and the Alliance; your leaders know this. Push them to offer the Alliance aid in the coming battle. If you too are willing to fight personally, foreign legion units will be forming in the near future.

"Solipsis rails against the Light, and has set his sights on Tython. But no single world is the source of Light – from every star and sun, from the Core to the Rim, it is you who shine brightest. Together, we are as bright as any; we can weather this forceful storm, and wash away the darkness that plagues us now."

The broadcast ends.


Just another angle for Tython, if you want an excuse to have access to allied comms or be there early. also yes this is a callout post Darth Solipsis Darth Solipsis please respond