Across Confederate Space, all news channels and broadcasting stations of similar nature cut away to a scheduled message from the Office of the Minister of War for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Across these channels, a live message was sent. Circling around the hologram of the Minister of War's tall, sturdy figure, declaring it an official transmission from his Office.

Begin broadcast, all channels and frequencies, all languages and in all text forms."

Hands clasped behind his back and emotion lacking on his face, with throat cleared before transmission, the Minister of War began his transmission. A practised speech from unwavering eyes.

Citizens, Residents and Guests of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, good morning, good afternoon and good evening. As many of you might be aware, our nation recently fell victim to multiple Acts of Terrorism, attacks against our Great Nation led by the insurgents calling themselves the Agents of Chaos. The planets of Ryloth, Rodia and Talay were targeted. These terrorists came into our nation, they stood on our soil, and they declared that we were not just, that we were not fair, that we enslaved worlds and prevented freedom. They declared that we opposed our own long standing traditions, the traditions that we have built the foundations of our nation on."

The Minister allowed for a moment of breath, and for the news he delivered to sink in, before beginning again. His voice void of emotion, save for the emptiness that spoke volumes about the burning passion one had when making a vital point with nothing but their full conviction and belief.

"These terrorists butchered innocents and laid waste to cities, claiming that they do it for freedom, that every world should have the right to self-govern. Yet they cripple the worlds they supposedly save in the process, dooming them to societal collapse and violations of humane rights. They impose change too sudden to be healthy, with no foresight to their actions and seemingly no care for their actions and the consequences."

Another moment passed before the Minister began again.

These attacks can shake the foundations of our buildings, but not the foundations of our Confederacy. Their blasters might burn away durasteel, but they can not break our Strength. The Confederacy of Independent Systems was targeted by these self-labelled Agents of Chaos because we are the brightest beacon of freedom, strength and stability in the Galaxy, and not even Chaos itself, can keep our light from shining. These Agents showed us evil. And we responded with our very best. They desired to make an example out of us, yet we truly made an example of Our response should they try it again. Should any force in the Galaxy try to shape our future for us, we will respond in kind, and our strength will prove stronger."

The Minister's eyes stared unwaveringly forward, as if daring the Galaxy to do it's worst.

"Immediately following the attack on Ryloth, the Confederate Defense Force mobilised further to secure our borders and provide aide to the affected areas. As you hear this message, residents of Rodia and Talay who were unable to evacuate before the fighting began are being assessed and given temporary residence while their cities are assessed by professionals and necessary reparations are made."

A sharp inhalation of air to signal a slight change of topic.

"It saddens me to further inform you of the loss of life, not only civilian, but militant aswell that came as a result of these attacks. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and family; were all killed. Whether it be in the line of duty or in the crossfire; we mourn their loss the same. I speak for my Office, and indeed the whole of the Confederacy when I say that they will be remembered, and their loss will not be in vain."

I speak on behalf of the Confederacy of Independent Systems when I say that We will be strong, We will survive this, We will endure. We have stood down many enemies before, many greater than these terrorists. We have, and continue to, stand for freedom and prosperity throughout the Galaxy since our very birth. Our borders will hold strong against hostilities, Our soldiers will wield the weapon that delivers the fatal blows against those who would seek to see our nation destroyed."

"Confederate Intelligence Command, aswell as multiple outside sources, deliver unto us news of a new threat to the Galaxy, a warmachine calling themselves the Bryn'adûl who seek nothing but destruction and enslavement. I wish to assure you all that they will not cross our borders with our permission, and if they shall, it shall be met with armed resistance, and they shall be driven back. Our Confederacy shall not suffer another Empire to live."

"Citizens, Residents and Guests of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, stay strong, put your faith in the Confederacy, we will not see you enslaved or abused."

"End Transmission."

With those two final words, the transmission was cut, returning viewers to their regular broadcast schedule.