…(continued from Section 3)
One particular application discussed by Master Froul in his work (JLC5525543:12) is as a precautionary measure. This application of Force energy was directed as a means of alerting the Force user of danger. However, there is reason to doubt this interpretation based on more recent investigations. Master Qaui in her discussion (JLC95535671:03) counters this by pointing to reliefs discovered on Chandrilla which clearly denotes a more ceremonial application. The practicality of the ‘precaution’ application has received a minor boost based on later interpretations which emphasised the use of both warning and display as possible motives. In these records (JLC0015641:02) it must be noted that the interpretation is subject to interpretation due to the damage of the sources….
(This riveting excerpt of ‘Levitation in the Pre-Tython Era’ by Phylis Alince is part of a 3 volume work on the matter which is available from Wisdom Tree Stores.)