Bespin Black Suits

So, what is the Bespin Black Suits?

Think MiB meets Rat Pack meets Oceans 11 meets Reservoir Dogs meets Magnificent Seven

BBS is a small group of men and women, that hang out at the Solstice Vine, to socialise and have fun among themselves and with the guests of the club.
Anything is on the table when it comes to this, hard drinking, gambling any other vice they care to indulge in.
They are the cool cats of OPA, they are recognisable by their attire, the trademark black suit.

The only rule when entering the club, is to leave your rank at the door.



When not socialising what is their objective?

The lifestyle they lead comes at a cost, they will self-fund their ‘sports’ through whatever means they can, not necessarily legal in that enterprise, and no questions are asked.
However, as a wise man once said, it is all for the greater good.

BBS forms part of the OPA at the end of the day and when they are called to ‘duty’, they will respond.
Equally, they will protect people against any injustice, prevent crime that goes against the ‘code’ of the OPA, bounty hunt and remain within the structure of their ‘day jobs’.

The members can consist of any rank and file within the OPA, bounty hunters, card sharks, gunslingers, forcers, spacers, underground, anyone with a loose disposition.
So, buy yourself a black suit and come on in.

Outer Planets Alliance today! and become one of the coolest cats in the Galaxy!