What can The Elysium Empire do for you?

*Any citizen can join The Senate. Let your voice be heard!
*Any citizen can join the military. Honor your family, become a hero!
*As a fleet, we will move around. Explore the galaxy, paid for by us!
*Citizens are protected at all costs. Let no harm befall you!
Meet the King. We are a small community. Join now, meet the king!
Our citizens are the base of the future. Forever be known as one of the first to fix the galaxy!
Learn the force. Members of the Elysium Empire are free to practice the Force!
The military has invented several weapons never seen before. Be the first in the galaxy to use them!
Luxury Living! Until we have a planet to call our own, citizens have free health care, and may live on a Victory-I Star Destroyer!
*No taxes! Only pay taxes to your planet's government. We only require you to contribute in some way, not financially!