"A Jedi must protect this world, but also know they are just as much a denizen of it as anyone else"​

Affiliations: The Silver Jedi, The Jedi Enclave​

Rank: Jedi Master​

Specialty 1: Jedi Guardian​

Specialty 2: Jedi Weaponmaster​

Race: Human​

Age: 28​

Gender: Male​

Promoted To Jedi Knight On September 12th, 2013​

Promoted To Jedi Master On January 5th, 2014​


Strengths & Weaknesses​

+ Intelligent​
+ Resourceful​
+ Physically Strong/Fit​
+Natural Leader​
+ Naturally Charismatic​
+ Very skilled with a blade​
+ Able to be calm and collected when necessary​
- Stubborn​
- Not as much skill in piloting as the average Jedi​
- Lack of skill in using weapons outside of a lightsaber​
- Not always in control of his emotions​
- Attachments can lead to issues​
- Not entirely mentally stable​
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder​




Skin Color: White​

Eye Color: Brown​

Hair Color: Blonde​

Height: 6'4​

Build: Muscular​

Playby: Chris Hemsworth​




+ Confident​
+ Witty​
+ Compassionate​
+ Honorable​
- Stubborn​
- Mischievous​
- Can Be Slightly Overconfident​
- Can be vengeful​
- Trust issues​




Serena DragonsFlame - Mother (Deceased)​
Philip DragonsFlame - Father (Deceased)​
Nicholas DragonsFlame - Brother (Deceased)​
[member="Gherron Vael"] - Brother​
Jason DragonsFlame - Son​
@Nefertari Sovint Vael - Sister In-Law​





This story starts with the story of two Jedi Knights, Phil DragonsFlame and Serena Mavens, from the planet Naboo, formerly a part of the Jedi Order stemming from Coruscant. These two ultimately fell in love, and used it to motivate them both to work harder to protect one another. A Sith Lord, of course, put a damper on these events, and while posing as a Jedi, turned on the Order and framed Phil and Serena, who he had issues with. Due to the Sith Lord's stock with the Order at the time being more reliable then that of Phil and Serena, both of them were ultimately expelled from the Jedi Order. Not letting this setback deter them, the two got married and eventually had two children, Joshua and Nicholas DragonsFlame.​
Philip, who at this point did not think he had any discernible skills, nor capability to learn a trade and sustain his wife and kids, took up gambling in order to pay the bills, using whatever remained of his use of the Force to cheat his way to a steady amount of income for the family.
As the years went on, Phil’s use of this trick had begun to wane as the routine became monotone, causing him to make mistakes, and in the end he was saddled with several gambling debts. It was at this point that bounty hunters were hired to kill him for not paying his debts.
Knowing his family was in danger, Phil constantly moved the family from planet to planet to planet, not staying in one place for very long. At least, until they reached planet Coruscant. As they drove, the vehicle was shot at and destroyed by a bounty hunter, killing Phil, Serena and Nicholas instantly on crashing in an explosion of fire. As the speeder crashed, Josh had managed to survive, although he was rendered comatose in the process.
He was eventually found by Jedi Master Pinewrap Ican, whom brought him to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. During his two month stint in a bacta tank to recover, Josh was analyzed by the Jedi in the Temple, where they very quickly found he had an uncanny sensitivity for the Force. Once he had awoken from the coma and his injuries had been tended to, Josh was immediately brought into the Jedi Order, becoming a Padawan of Jedi Master Pinewrap. For years, Josh trained himself in the Force under Pinewrap.
At Age 12, Josh had become a formidable wielder of the Force, just as his parents had been. But some of his mannerisms, and the way that he acted in some cases drove suspicion with the Masters of the Order. He was showing hints of anger in his teachings, almost as if planted purposely. With fear for his future, Josh was called into a meeting with the Council, minus his Master, and questioned on his teachings. Their worst fears realized, Pinewrap was then investigated thoroughly without his knowledge, and the one slip-up in Pinewrap's plan unraveled it. He was revealed to have been the rat for the Sith all along, the Sith Lord Darth Dias, and his framing of Josh's family was revealed. It appeared that Dias had been planning to turn on the Order in full, destroy the Temple that Josh had been studying in, and kidnap his own Padawan and turn him into an agent of the Sith. Dias was expelled from the Order, and disappeared before he could be arrested, and the honor of Josh's family was restored. Josh was re-assigned to Jedi Master Kyle Baen.
A year passed under this training. Baen and DragonsFlame traveled one day to Dantooine, where there they found a long abandoned Jedi Temple, through a hidden entrance that led underground. Here, due to it’s high force sensitivity and being away from prying eyes, Baen pledged to DragonsFlame to finish his training here, without interruption, in hopes of one day fully preparing his Padawan for the Jedi Trials.
The words were hardly said in this promise, however, before the Temple was suddenly bombed from the ouside. As the Temple crumbled into ruins, the two ran for the exit. With their time running out and them having been separated by debries, it was here that the teenage Josh made a conscious decision. The Jedi Order would be better served if Baen survived instead of him, and he knew they'd both die if Baen was to waste time trying to save him. Josh pleaded with Baen to run and save himself, and apparently, he had done so. Nobody knows what happened to Master Baen after that, as nobody heard from him ever again after that. Nobody knew where Master Baen and his Padawan had disappeared to.
Meanwhile on Dantooine, the Sith that had bombed the enclave recovered the damaged, nearly dead body of the teen from the rubble. A team of scientists were granted permission to use him for testing, and took him back to a lab on Dantooine, where after managing to heal him through a bacta tank, used him as their test subject while he was in a comatose state upon realizing he was a Jedi. In this test, he was placed in a simulation where only there would he be conscious, where he learned about the world, grew up and generally had him live a normal, albeit artificial and simulated life, with pre-mature struggles. These experiences shaped him and molded him, even though he had no idea everything around him was but a simulation. Josh went several years this way, being kept alive but comatose, long after he should have woken up. His memories slowly faded away, replaced with only those of his artificial life within the simulation while he was tested to see just what a Jedi at his age could handle under certain stresses.
Everything changed when a mercenary attack on the lab caused a scuffle. A stray blaster bolt hit the power on the machine holding DragonsFlame, and because of it the machine was destroyed. With the machine no longer keeping him in stasis, DragonsFlame suddenly awoke…. With his lightsaber missing, his memories of his past and his training near gone, DragonsFlame barely managed to escape the facility with nothing but instinct while the scuffle went on. No force abilities to rely on, no Jedi training, he had nothing as he escaped injured and smuggled himself into a shuttle to Tatooine. Once there, Josh was discovered by a Toydarian by the name of Botch, who offered him work in exchange for board credits, as his personal podracer. Not having any experience with podracing, DragonsFlame originally refused, but Botch, whom was desperate at this point for a racer, any racer - after his last few had been killed, likely from the same inexperience and lack of training that DragonsFlame had - he ultimately accepted, in order to preserve himself. Botch offered him the backroom to live in, though always withheld giving him enough credits to feed himself for long, to make sure that he kept his podracing ticket.
Five months passed, as Josh trained to become a podracer. DragonsFlame managed to somehow survive his first podrace, and while he didn't win, he did earn Botch a decent sum of money with his natural talent for it, and Botch kept him on in hopes of having him win plenty more to make Botch a rich Toydarian. And Josh won his fair share, and in exchange, Botch continued to feed and board him, although he still never gave him enough to feed himself for very long, and without another job, the young man, at this point 18, was more or less stranded on the planet with no other course but to continue serving Botch. Things took a drastic turn though, when foul play by another racer caused Josh's racing vehicle to be destroyed. In a rage, Botch promptly fired him, and cast him out on the street. Now homeless, Josh found help in a bartender at a local cantina, who offered him board, and free food and drink in exchange for his stories about his time as a podracer. Josh forged a friendship with the bartender, and never did forget what he did for him. Josh would later take work under the cantina's employ, cleaning the place after hours.

Still, he felt as though his purpose wasn't here... But what could he do? He had nowhere to go at this juncture, and the only skills he had were in podracing, which he couldn't afford. All of this would change though, while he was having his daily meal, he overheard a woman claiming to a child and his mother that she was a Jedi, and wanted to take the child with her to the Order. Curious, Josh followed them in secret to the outskirts of town, where he witnessed the woman, who turned out to be the villainous Shinju and not a Jedi at all, kill and devour the child. In a rage, Josh was moments from attacking her when he was approached by a RSFU Operator by the name of @[member="Cody Jorin"] who informed him he had been looking for him, as the Republic's Jedi Order had been informed by a scout that he was a Force Sensitive that could be scouted for the Order. The encounter had likely saved him from Shinju's wrath, though he and Jorin made a pact to one day hunt Shinju down for what she had done Jorin took Josh off-planet, sending him off to the Jedi Temple in Tyhon to be trained, where he quickly met Master @[member="Caleb Torran"]. After helping Torran to the best of his abilties with a merchant problem, which was a test set up by Torran, Torran became DragonsFlame's Master.​

Josh's time with Torran, of course, did not last long. Torran disappeared, leaving Josh with no Master. The next day, Josh, confused and alone, met one of his fellow Padawans named @Naila Rokh, After a quick conversation, Naila brought DragonsFlame in for a sparring session. There, after Naila kicked him around a few rounds, Josh's old instincts seemed to kick in as though something seemed... Right. His natural talent and ability with a training saber for someone new to the Order was quickly noticed, and after investigation, it was found that Josh was indeed the Padawan that they had lost years ago. Josh was welcomed back, of course, with open arms. But there was nothing they could do for his memory.​

Josh braved the crystal caves on Tython after his training deemed him ready for it, with Master Jaxson Ravos, finding his force signature's lightsaber crystal and being able to construct a new lightsaber. Josh also participated in missions including the Coruscant Rancor Incident with Padawan Saki and Master Sarianna, and learned the art of pyrokinesis from a conjurer. And still, while his skills from his years of training began to return, his memory did not. Josh was later re-assigned once again, this time to Master [member="Matsu Ike"].​

Now 20 years of age, Josh was tasked one day with delivering info to the Senate on Sith movement. It was there he met Chi Chuchi, a representative of the Republic who a Force-wielding assassin, Si-Cho, had been targeting and struck during the meeting. Josh managed to barely defeat the bounty hunter, and fell unconscious soon after. A vision in his slumber pointed him to Dantooine, where he was able to find the wreckage of the Final Dragon, as well as the parts for R4-J6. Following the vision, he took the blueprints and identification for the Dragon that were still intact, as well as the droid's parts, promising himself that both would be rebuilt later.​

After months more of missions, and training, it was decided that Josh was ready for his Jedi Trials. The Trials were given to him by Master Ike, and he passed them quite well. It was in preparation for the Knighthood Ceremony that Josh sat in his quarters, wanting to alleviate his anxiety by trying to rebuild the droid he had been planning to re-build for so long. As R4-J6's power turned on, and the droid let out a series of whirs and beeps, Josh smiled, without knowing why he was smiling. R4 seemed to be a trigger for his memory, as everything from his life before being put in the simulation rushed back to him. With his amnesia now cured, he went into his Knighthood Ceremony with his head held high. As Matsu cut off his Padawan braid, Josh felt as though he had finally come full circle.​

He was finally a Jedi Knight.​

Jedi Knight Josh DragonsFlame, having commissioned a new ship in the image of The Final Dragon - fulfilling his other promise - he was later sent on a mission to Dagobah with a squad of other Republic Jedi. There, in a twisted turn of events, he was teamed up with Republic soldiers, Jedi, Sith, Omega Protectorate Soldiers and others, where on this planet Josh experienced untold horrors that would scar him long past when the mission was over... Leading him to starting to doubt himself, and his performance taking a hit as Dagobah continued to wane at his mind. It was a reality check, and a lesson from the At-The-Time-Grandmaster [member="Ben Watts"] on a mission to Ilum that snapped Josh out of this daze, allowing him to focus on the task at hand and better commit himself to his role as a Jedi.​

At some point after this, Josh met Sith Knight Saoirse Jenulia, under the guise of a woman who had arranged a meeting with a child from her past, but said child did not appear. Taking pity on her, Josh offered her refuge at his home for the time she'd planned to spend with the child to cheer her up. After some time spent together, Josh, in a chance meeting managed to find the child, and took the guise of his father figure temporarily to further brighten Saoirse and the child. After this and other events, Josh ended up falling for Saoirse, and she the same. Sadly, her revelation that she was a Sith Knight prematurely broke up their time together. Saoirse would later set up a few secrets meetings with DragonsFlame over the course of the next few months, although Josh wasn't comfortable with having a full time relationship with a Sith. Although, over time Josh was beginning to realize that despite what he'd thought until now, many of the Sith were still people, like Saoirse. Of course, Sao simply wanted power. He tried to discourage her from it, but she was stalwart in that. Josh knew then, that while he'd continue to support her emotionally, she was on her own to find her path. These meetings continued until she revealed on their final secret meeting on Tatooine that she had left the Sith. Confirming her announcement was the emergence of two Sith Knights who labelled Saoirse a traitor, and attacked both her and DragonsFlame. Dispatching the two, Josh saw the fact that while the Sith were still people... Many of them were monsters. It was a judgement call to find which ones simply got caught up in their lust for power as Sao had... And which truly were evil monsters.​

At the behest of Grandmaster Ben Watts, and with the approval of the Jedi Council, Josh was given a seat on the Jedi Council as their Knight Representative. On one of his first missions on the job, Josh was tasked with taking down a criminal organization known as The Syndicate alongside Jedi Knight Asha Seren, who he forged a deep friendship with - perhaps a bit too close of one, that led to some awkwardness between himself, the mentally deteriorating Asha, and her husband [member="Tracyn"] Ordo that had to do with how much time the two were spending together as a result of them spending time disguised as a couple living in a rented slum home on Coruscant, in order to disguise themselves to overthrow the Syndicate. These issues remained long after their mission was completed, and weren't resolved until Asha's death later on.​

After taking Ilum, after defeating the monster known as the frozen goddess with Asha, Justice and Syn, Josh was called back to Dagobah to finish the undead threat once and for all. Teaming up with @[member="Garth Hummel"] and @[member="Jekk Reth"], Josh along with the others were able to obtain the components, defeat them once and for all, and was given an amulet that would keep him from being attacked by mental force attacks. As well, Josh melted down the "Magnus Metal" he obtained on his first mission to Dagobah to create a Class 9 Armor that was immune to blaster bolts, and resistant to lightsaber attacks, a huge boon to the Jedi Knight​

Josh continued to serve the Jedi well, as well as the Republic. Despite not enjoying their wars, at the time Josh participated in many a battle for the Republic, convinced that it was what was best for the galaxy, as well as the Jedi.​

Finally, Josh decided it was time to go back to Dantooine and destroy the facility that had plagued him for so long, once and for all. Going first to scout the place and find the facility's location, Josh was horrified to find out that the facility had been kidnapping civilians and using them as test subjects for the simulation, most of them being killed by the stress of the simulation. As Josh infiltrated a nearby facility that had been extracting said civilians to send them there, he encountered a Miraluka Sith by the name of @[member="Vira Nalor"]. After defeating the Sith, Josh's refusal to kill her despite her pleading to finish it almost cost the Jedi Knight his life. But after speaking to her, Josh had seemed to end up bringing a change of heart in Nalor, causing her to leave the Sith, and allowing Josh to find the location and layout of the facility he now, more then ever, wanted gone to erase the ghosts of his past forever, as well as to save the denizens of Dantooine. After finding the plans, Josh escorted Vira off Dantooine to wherever she pleased to help her find a new start.​

With the location and layout in hand, Josh enlisted the help of at-the-time girlfriend @[member="Saoirse Jenulia"] to infiltrate the facility and destroy it once and for all. After cutting through the scientists that had sent years torturing him, they came upon the simulation that had brought him so much pain. Before they could destroy it though, they were confronted by a Sith Knight under a hood, who's force signature caused him a sense of unease, even if he had never seen it before.​

This Sith Knight would later turn out to be his brother, Nicholas DragonsFlame, thought to be dead. While Nick escaped, Josh and Saoirse managed to destroy the machine, and close that chapter of Josh's life forever.​

On January 5th, 2014 (Real time), DragonsFlame was officially made a Jedi Master, and was welcomed full time to his seat on the Jedi Council.​

Josh's run of luck though, would soon become a set of ups and downs. He helped the Republic take Nar Shadda, along with helped Master @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] and Master Phyllis save his friend @[member="Tracyn Ordo"] from the effects of Sith Poison, injected into him by Josh's former friend, Sith Lord Circe Savan. He was even reunited with his own, thought to be dead father, Philip J. Halen, otherwise known as Philip Joseph DragonsFlame, with the help of Aleidis Ijet.​

His luck would finally hit it's highest point, when after negotiating the Republic out of a war with The Fringe, DragonsFlame was voted the new Grandmaster Of The Jedi Order. In the short time he had with the role, he worked to bring the struggling Jedi Order back to their old ways of peacekeeping, of compassion, and away from the direction they had been going. Unfortunately, then things began to take a turn for the worse for Josh.​

Slowly, the friends he had come to know began to die off. Asha dying was a serious blow to him, as was the disappearances of Jak Sandrow and Aleidis Ijet. More and more, Josh's friends and loved ones were dropping like flies. The worst of it, of course, was Saoirse, who presumably met her end at the hands of the Sith. His personal life was tanking, and his professional life was getting even worse as the Jedi in the Order began to embrace this new way of thinking that had been introduced by Selena Halcyon's reign before his. This idea that they were more soldiers to the Republic, and the only way to accomplish their goals was to kill those who got in their way, and anyone who happened to even remotely be suspicious of being a dark sider was put to the torch. Josh of course opposed this, preferring a mix of combat-when-necessary, and empathy as the Jedi had always been like when he was growing up. Unfortunately, many of the members of the Order did not agree, and his stroke began to lessen. Within time, DragonsFlame was pressured to step down from his position after being stabbed in the back by a large amount of the Order in his eyes. Seeing that the Jedi Order had become something that was nothing near the oaths he had sworn to when he had first joined, he would tender his resignation from both the Republic and The Republic's Jedi Order and disappear from the public eye, leaving behind his Council seat, as well as his Weaponmaster Of The Order and Grand Admiral titles.​

In his time in the shadows, DragonsFlame took control of a business and managed to come across credits to find himself a new home in Naboo. Here, he carried out his desire to find his peace. To train, to study, to learn. While he kept little contact with anyone but [member="Coryth Elaris"], he remained isolated and dedicated himself to finding his reason for being in this galaxy, and what he could do next... But most importantly, with the rose-tinted goggles now off, he learned what it was like to be a human being. A true human being with feelings, emotions and independent thought. But being betrayed, in his eyes, by the Order he had served his entire life, had destroyed a great deal of him deep down. That naive, almost-innocent side of him had been completely destroyed, giving way for a man who did not trust easily, and tended to trust his own judgement over that of others. He continued to remain isolated from the public eye, just trying to find his path now that he had left the one thing that had been his entire life up until this point. The dragon, John, who had hatched from an egg during Josh's tenure with the Republic's Jedi Order, remained with him at his home on Naboo, even after Josh tried to set him free when he grew up and John refused to go. R4-J6 also remained with him, and in his spare time, Josh tried his hand at building droids in full, finding himself with an in-progress unit known as HK-J6, who still needs some work before he could be fully function.​

Eventually, DragonsFlame would be found by [member="Graxin"] Rade, leader of the Ession Reformation. Claiming the One Sith were purging the Jedi, he would convince DragonsFlame to step from the shadows and fight the Sith. Leaving John and HK-J6 to guard the house, DragonsFlame and R4-J6 would join the Ession Reformation, until it later dissolved. But his experiences with them allowed Josh to realize his calling, and just where he belonged. He belonged out there, fighting for the people he had promised to protect. Josh would establish links with The Silver Sanctum, and dedicate himself to travelling the Outer Regions, taking on crime rings, and liberating slaves from camps. It was during this time that a chance conversation found Josh returning to The Jedi Order, now split off from The Republic while The Republic had started it's own branch of Force Using soldiers, of sorts. Working with the Grandmaster, [member="Shmi Labooda"], Josh hoped to finally see his dream through of having his old life back, and of restoring the Jedi back to their old ways. Josh re-joined the Jedi Council, and began teaching Padawans again, finding [member="Douglas Starwind"] and [member="Dusaro"] during slave liberation missions and bringing them to the Order where he took them under his wing himself to train them. Also taking in [member="Anora Vahn"] and [member="Seskel Sangrey"] as well as re-connecting with his former Padawan Gherron Vael ([member="Rylan Thatcher"]), Josh had begun to find his way back into the happy times he had wished he could return to, for so long. Unfortunately, Josh had to come to terms with the fact that the way of most Jedi had changed. There was not enough interest, and The Jedi Order as a standalone faction ceased to be.​

Of course, this paved the way for it to become the Outer Regions Defense Force, which Josh happily stayed on. In doing so, he found the true feelings he held for Shmi Labooda, and found himself in a relationship with his fellow Jedi Master.​

Now 28, Josh is more determined then ever to fulfill his duties as a Jedi Master.​