Chief Project Overseer Ary Jaxson taking questions from the press after the announcement
In a surprising announcement from Aurora Industries following the lost of its headquarters to the Bryn'adul scourge, Chief Project Overseer Ary Jaxson called a press conference from the temporary company offices on Fondor. It was revealed that the company, and its subsidiary Spaarti Creations, had reached an agreement with representatives with the InterGalactic Banking Clan to assist in financing a massive expansion of the company within Confederate space and other regions within the galaxy. Jaxson had this to say following the reveal:

It has always been our mission, at both Aurora Industries and Spaarti Creations, to advance technology and push the limits of what can be achieved. Today's expansion reveal is just one step in the plans for both companies in our Phase III modernization plans. New products across all our markets will be revealed in the coming months, and I look forward to sharing those details with the press as testing is finished.

When asked about the company's stance on the current conflict engulfing the galactic north, especially considering how it effected the company's CEO and her public status as a member of the Sith Empire's higher-ranking leadership, Jaxson responded by saying:

It is the position of both Aurora Industries and Spaarti Creations that we are neutral in whatever conflicts are taking place within the galaxy. We are always willing to work with other galactic powers, even if they are ideologically opposed to our CEO's religious beliefs or any positions she might hold outside of the company. However, we are realistic in our views that several galactic nations and companies will no doubt want nothing to do with us regardless, but we leave the door open for any representatives that might want to work with us.

To close out the conference, a holographic map was displayed to show where the new facilities for both companies will be established.