"This is Holly Starstorm reporting live from Coruscant."

The camera flashes to Holly behind the anchor desk and then quickly flashed to different video footage of members of the Artisian Commonwealth.

"The Atrisian Commonwealth has reached a large scale development in their terraforming efforts with the creation of their Advanced Terraforming microdroids. Able to form and shape the worlds to be welcoming golden worlds to the people. The planets of the Atrisi System as well as the moons have been terraformed with refugees welcomed from across the galaxy. Through their Living Module as well as technologies like the Vatta for planetary reactors the size of a grain of rice. The Junjita for flora and fauna population and sustainability. Their continued efforts to improve the Commonwealth itself and the worlds connected to it with large advances in technological prowess."

The image flashed back to Holly as she smiled at the camera.

"The galaxy will continue to monior these new developments in technology with hope and interest. This could be a new answer to many citizens of the galaxy."