Attention current and would be entrepreneurs and business people all over the galaxy. Today I'd like to tell you about Scion Technologies new Business Expansion Initiative. This initiative has one goal. It is to expand and create businesses across the galaxy. Towards that end, we'd like to announce the formation of our new subsidiary, Scion Loaning and Investment LLC.

Do you wanna start a business, but lack the capital to start it up? Do you already own a business and want to expand? Do you have a project idea and are looking for investors to fund it? Perhaps we can help!

To apply for a loan, copy the following template and post it to the company page listed in this article

Personal, Faction, or Business Loan: (pick one option)

Amount Requested: (how much do you wanna borrow? Personal loans are capped at 200,000 credits. Business loans are capped at 1,000,000 credits. Faction loans are capped at 5,000,000 credits.)

Repayment term: (how long in real life days do you want to repay this loan?)

Offering Collateral: (for personal loans only. This is not required.)

Fill out this information only if applying for a business loan

Name of business: (what's your business called. If you have a company page please link it)

Locations: (where are you located?)

Role in business: (do you own the business, are you a partner, etc)

Purpose of funds: (why are you asking for the loan? What are you gonna do with the cash?)

Answer the following only if applying for a faction loan

Faction Name: (what faction are you in?)

Faction territory: (where is your faction located? What planets do they control?)

Role in Faction: (what is your role in the faction? If you are not the leader, do you have the leader's permission to make this request?)

Purpose of funds: (what are you going to do with the funds?)

For those of you seeking an Investor, Dm me or tag me in a thread. All investment requests must be discussed IC.