It is definitely different to be recording this into a holocron. Master Starchaser said that maybe it’ll help Jedi, and if it’s a Witch etching it into the holocron a lot of this is going to be held. We will see how this works…


A blue-white visage of Brooke Waters, recently marked as Elder to the Blue Coral Divers Clan, based on the markings she had on her leathers, and the beads on her necklace and bracelets appeared before the seeker of knowledge. On her hip was a leather quiver, and on her back was a trident and an energy bow. As she approached a table, she pulled the gear off and shook out her hair and gave a low whistle.

That was when a Vulptex, but not one that was white, as the galaxy was familiar with. This one was actually a tan color, similar to carbonate beaches, and a creature of Kattada. Brooke ran a hand along the creatures head and neck. There was a whisper that couldn’t really be heard, but it was there.

Well, today, Spellweaver and Knights, we’re going to be playing with something a little bit different than what most of you may be either familiar with, or even knowledgeable about. However, if you are seeing this lesson, it means you have the aptitude to learn this, and that means you have been curious about animal friendship, and most likely adept with it.

I’m glad to be sharing this with you, its something that Dawn and I have been working on. So, first, let me introduce Dawn. If you haven’t encountered our other lesson, the one on alchemy and uplifting, then you wouldn’t have met her. Dawn is a Sand Vulptex. She was actually born on Kattada, a distant cousin to the ones on Crait. She is also what I’ve taken to calling my Partner, but it may also be closer to Familiar, depending on where you are coming from.

Dawn and I have been working together for a few months now. What we have done is that we are Force bonded, not unlike how a Force sensing couple is, but also a lot… yeah, a LOT different than that. Dawn can sense my emotions and I can sense hers. We share some thoughts a bit easier, and much easier than even a domestic companion animal and their owner.

But what she can do is a lot different. Through the lessons of Uplifting, she is actually Force sensitive, and has learned to use it to hunt, and for protection. Shes different than an Ysalamiri, a little smarter…

She took the moment to scratch Dawn’s ears.

The important part, is she can assist me out in the field. Like I said, we’re bonded, and as I’m harvesting corals, she can help me find them, or if I am out seeking artifacts for the Jedi? She seeks them as well. And as unfortunate after effect, she can be a bit more… combative. Dawn is at least defensive? I was on a training mission with some Initiates and Padawans and while I was casting, tunnel vision kicked in, I was working on a spell to throw darkness around those who were attacking the Jedi.

But Dawn ran in, she was responding to what I wasn’t even seeing, and got between me and the blaster wielder, and launched up a barrier. Something I’ve seen Jedi do, and something I know I can do, but wasn’t thinking about. It did feel like she drained my own Force reserve but… It was interesting. She held until I was able to get my spell off and take the barrier from her.

Now, what I am going to do is walk you through a few lessons here. The first is creating a bond with an animal, beyond that of what we know as ‘friendship.’ It’s a blend of Allyan Magick and the Force as the Jedi use it. It is definitely on the light side, as you are not harming the creature and it does require the animal’s own consent. It won’t work on every creature. From there, you’ll feel the Force flow between the pair of you…

As she continued, the Jedi Witch began to get into the specifics.