Well, it seems to be over, for now, anyway. The wars have left their mark, and the map has never been more shambled. Seriously, it's a patchwork. The Sith have stabbed through the Republic to Kwenn from Charros IV, leaving a gash several light years wide. The Republic, in turn, has shoved an arm right through to Ossus from Saleucami. The Black Sun Syndicate, the CIS, and the Republic are all mashing heads by Dalaang, and Omega Protectorate's pushing in on CIS from Adarlon and Maramere. The Atrisian Empire is rubbing up against the Republic near Kalist/Byss, and the Mandos are still at the Sith, currently fighting over Yaga Minor. The Rochi asteroids are up in the air, but it looks like it's the Mandos against the Republic. The Fel Empire is growing in the Braxant Sector, but the Mnenchei Dominion is very wisely not getting involved - yet. The Moross Crusade is tugging at OP by the Kal'Shebbol sector. The LoTF are pushing as far right as Phu, and as far towards OP as Tar Mordren.

These are the stats at February 26, 2014, 3:43 PM EST. I'm Jak Sandrow, signing off.