In a brutal and sudden assault at the Rimward Trade League's heart, the forces of the Sith Order have stormed into League space without mercy or pause.

Susefvi, the capital world of the RTL, was invaded and the very seat of the government all but dismantled and cast aside by the unstoppable march of the Sith and their armies. Dagobah, which housed a temple of the Jedi, was similarly attacked whilst many high ranking Jedi were occupied on Susefvi and in other battlegrounds. The scorching and fighting over the temple was intense but ultimately the Sith strikeforce dispatched there was forced to pull back. Reports say that they intend to return at a later date to reduce the temple to ruin, however these claims have not been confirmed or spoken by any one Sith or official of note within the Order as of yet.

Sith fleets and armies continue to strike into League space, the worlds of Sluis Van and Denab in particular have already been placed beneath the Sith boot and many more seem yet to follow. Time will tell if this blow has shattered the Trade League or if they can recover and manage to halt the Sith advance. One that they proclaim will carry them all the way to the Core Worlds themselves.