The old oral tradition, some "specialists" believed, is what has kept the Mandalorians around for so long. Over thousands of years their ideals and way of life had changed. From iron-age warriors felling beasts the size of cities to the galactic terror that would force most of the galaxy under their rule the one thing that remained the same was that they were fighters. But it wasn't only their triumphs that were kept in song and story but their losses too, and those were heavy. Large swaths of their home planet Manda'yaim bore the scars of their sins and their people were scattered to the winds.
With the Death Watch more or less pushed from their system it seemed like the winds of change were blowing again off the wings of the Death Watch's Shriek-Hawk. Their ideals had permeated mainstream Mandalorian thought at an alarming rate. Though these Mandalorians said their allegiance was to Mandalore, from the reports of the Seekers it seemed Isley had already decided to take up the mantle of Mand'alor. A two time traitor to the Mandalorian people...was now claiming such a title. The Seekers said that his rhetoric simply made him the ruler of what was beginning to be called the "Mandalorian Empire", but he guessed that it wouldn't be long until the power hungry man set his sights on Mandalore proper.
"Once a Sith always a Sith," the old man sighed as he looked into the wooden box before him on his desk. Beautifully finished wood with the silver leaves of the ancient Galek trees the box itself was a masterpiece. Gold brushed beskar locks and hinges and pretty wood wasn't all it had to offer however. Inside on a bed of hay atop the pelt of the Ori'edee was a pair of Crushgaunts. No note was needed.
He took a deep breath and sent the box away with an aide. The box along with the weapons would be sent to Isley on E'choyla. The clans would need to tread lightly if they didn't wish for a civil war. But honestly, if it came to that Verd would fall and Isley by his old hands.