To my fellow Silver Jedi,

These recent weeks have been hard on all of us. We who call ourselves servants of the Light and keepers of Peace have been put through trials which have, at times, seemed too challenging to overcome. Through the recent political decisions undertaken by the Silver Concord, our values and adherence to the Jedi Code have been put to the test and for some of you, this may have meant taking action against your better judgement and what you have been taught while growing up within the Order.

Ever since stepping up to shoulder the responsibility of leading our Order, I have been working to make things right. I am speaking to you all now, so that you may be informed of our - the Silver Jedi Order’s - stance with regards to the growing unrest both within and outside of the Silver Sphere. And I speak to you now, to make our stance on the recent alliance established between the Concord, Confederacy and Sith Empire clear.

After reestablishing the Silver Assembly, we have been engaging in intensive talks with representatives of the Concord in order to undo what we believe has been a pact formed in trust that cannot be met with equal measure. We have lost much to the war against the Bryn’adul, however by forming this alliance in desperation, we may risk losing much more.

We have been clear and the Silver Assembly have spoken with one voice on this matter. The Jedi will not follow the path that the Concord has set out. Our services are needed here within our own borders. There are still many wounds we need to mend and drawing closer to the corrupting influence of the dark is the last thing we need. For if we lose ourselves, we will never be able to defend those who are in pain, the innocent and the ones yet to be touched by darkness.

This has not been easy on any of us - but after gruelling talks over long nights and early mornings, the Concordian Senate finally arrived at a stance which we can tolerate. Our participation in the defensive alliance with the Sith Empire and the Confederacy will be terminated.

My contacts within the Concord have informed me that the Antarian Rangers have intensified their training and our manufacturing worlds have increased their production of warships and arms. But that is not the course of the Silver Jedi. We will focus on healing the wounds which still needs to be healed. We shall strive towards restoring peace and harmony where we can - not only in the Silver Sphere but also in our minds and hearts. We will centre ourselves and be ready for whatever challenge comes next.

In these dark times, I urge you all to fall upon your training. Look to the force for strength and support one another as we rise to meet these troubling times with perseverance and courage. Let the Light of the Force guide your path.

May the Force be with us all.