The vote was created by a majority vote of the Senate. The Elysium Empire needed funds. Given the goals of the Empire, the question of the vote was simple: "Should The Elysium Empire have an independent currency?"

The King rose to remind the Senate of the proposal, and give his own thoughts on the matter. If the majority approved of a national currency, the constitution would be altered, and a national currency would be created.
A National Currency-

The idea that The Elysium Empire should create a national currency is not a far fetched one. We are destitute, we have no income, and if we truly are to become an Empire that spans the galaxy, we need funds. Galactic Credits are old.

They are 25, 911 years old.

The Republic established this system and since then, they have become common. They are so common, that an Elysium Study shows that there are two-thousand credits per living-being in this galaxy. Yet, go to Coruscant. You will find that there are people living in the streets, going days without food because they have no credits to their name. How, if each being has 2,000 credits, can we have poor individuals?

One credit when they were established-26,000 years ago, is equal to 310 modern credits. the price of inflation. I am a capitalist, but even a capitalist must accept the flaws in their system. Credits are thousands of years old. Every year more and more are created. They hold no value. Inflation has become a real issue. With the establishment of our own currency, we can fix this issue. Imagine a simple fruit costing one coin, and not twenty! Galactic credits are Imperial credits, and Imperial credits are worthless. We need a new currency.

That being said...I know there are concerns. Will credits be useless? How will you, as an average citizen, be valued with a new currency? I assure you...there will be no issues. Here is the summary of the amendment. After I explain it, the 21 council members will express their position, and then the Senate will vote. A majority vote will make the amendment effective immediately. I have already ordered the creation of this currency, and if the amendment passes, we will make the transition within a week. Thank you for your cooperation and time.

1)Phase one of the New currency is the establishment of the currency itself. Every Empire has made credits under their name. We will be no different. The currency will be named Elysium Credits, a simple, and non-confusing name. Elysium Credits will be valued by how many the population requires. The base value of these Elysium Credits will be one Elysium Credit for every 500 galactic credits.

2) Planets may not print or forge Elysium Credits. Only Nationalized banks, controlled and guarded by the Elysium Empire Government may create and distribute Elysium Credits.

3) Planets under Elysium Control may have banks that store credits, however, they will not be permitted to do anything apart from storage. Only The Elysium Empire Federal Government's nationalized banks will handle loans, and other monetary matters apart from storage.

4) Individuals may not create or distribute Elysium credits unless purchasing a good or service, nor may they store credits that are not their own nor may they give out loans over the size of 1,000 Elysium Credits.

5) Galactic Credits will hold value due to the Hybrid nature of the new currency until the Senate votes to abolish the hybrid currency. Galactic credits are acceptable currency for any purchases unless the vendor or shopkeeper says otherwise. Galactic credits will not be accepted for government purposes, such as licenses, taxes, permits, and similar services provided by the Government.

6) Planets that are new to The Elysium Empire will be given a year to adopt Elysium Credits.

7) Every Planet's capital city will have a financial center where Galactic credits and foreign currencies can be exchanged for Elysium Credits.

Heath took a seat. It'd been a long speech. He hoped he had been quick and clear in his explanation. The argument was reasonable. The Council should be mostly in agreement, though the more economic-minded members would likely show their concerns. Heath looked forward to the results....a national currency would be a huge step towards becoming a major force in the galaxy. Beyond that, any credits turned in by citizens in exchange for the new Elysium credits could be used to hire mercenaries, support rebels fighting for The Elysium Empire, buy materials needed for new ships and weapons, and flat out buy designs or ships from other factions. It was a complete win for The Empire.

With the King taking his seat, the 21 council members would each take a moment to represent their group, and then the senate would vote. As far as Heath was aware, the members of the council hadn't changed since the last vote. That being said, the Elysium Empire had grown majorly in the past months. Perhaps a change would be healthy to show the new members that there would be no corruption in The Empire. He put the thought aside, and watched as the first Council Member stood up. A majority vote was required to pass the amendment. It had begun.

An old man, with weathered skin and grey hair stood up, speaking in a deep, yet aged voice: "I am old. I have worked on a farm my entire life, and I have seen as our goods become less and less valuable yet more and more expensive. A pound of wheat sells for about half a credit less than it did twenty years ago, but a loaf of bread is more expensive. I am not an economic expert, but I support this new currency."
Active Military-
Then, the farmer sat down. Next was a well-decorated man with dark skin and a buzz cut. He was muscular and wore the Blue military garb of The Elysium Empire. He spoke in a calm voice "Sir. I was educated in economics when I was younger. Inflation is on the rise, and your calculations were accurate. From a military standpoint, ammunition, explosives, and supplies have become more expensive but we aren't receiving more credits. You are absolutely correct. I urge the senate to vote for the establishment of a national currency." The man sat down, having said his piece.
In his place, a woman rose. She was even more decorated than the man was, having served in the military for many years, before The Elysium Empire even existed. She spoke, loudly, as if her words were in bold print "I do not feel qualified to speak on the issue and thus I abstain." She sat down.

Factory Workers-
A man stood up, he had short black hair and a short black beard. He was middle-aged. He spoke "Representing the factory workers of The Elysium Empire, I am concerned that a new currency means we will be paid less. That being said, I have full confidence in our King, and our government. They know what they are doing. I support the amendment.

Big Business Owners-
Next up, a large man stood up. He wore a white suit, a red tie, and had two cigars sticking out of his pocket. He was the owner of a large business on Coruscant that made droids. He had joined the Elysium Empire because the king's promise to bring order to the galaxy. He believed his business would be safer and less-regulated under the Elysium Empire. The issue with the man was that he was very vocal, even on things he didn't have knowledge in. This time, he would know what he was saying. Taxes, employment fees, loans, inflation...they were part of life for the man and the people he represented. He spoke in a low tone, pausing every once and awhile for extra emphasis: "Owners of large businesses know what inflation is. I know what inflation is. The Galactic Credit Standard is old. There is little value in credits now. Furthermore, an old currency is easier to counterfeit, and taxes are much higher on big businesses. I absolutely support the creation of Elysium Credits." His words hung for a moment, and the room went silent.

Small Business Owners-
Now, an older gentleman stood. He wore a red shirt with a collar. He represented small businesses, and owned a small picture company on Naboo. He, like the previous man, joined the Empire to be given more freedom with his company. He said only a few things: "Big businesses are very different from small businesses. That being said, inflation hurts everyone. I support the amendment. Thank you". He sat.

A woman stood up. She was beautiful, with long, flowing brown hair, and green eyes. Her voice shook as she addressed the 300 senators that currently served, (an increase from the 241 senators in the previous amendment), the 20 council members, and the king. "I am Breanna. I support the amendment on behalf of all crafters that support The Elysium Empire. But I urge the government to take every action needed to ensure that the transition is smooth. We can't afford an economic collapse. Thank you." She sat down, taking a deep breath. If Heath recalled correctly, she had been very nervous the last time she addressed the Senate. He applauded her progress. Stage fright wasn't an easy fear to conquer.

A woman with red hair and blue eyes stood up. She was a scientist of Veinstein Labs and Innovations. She spoke, in a scripted but convincing way: "On behalf of Veinstein Labs and Innovations, and all scientists supporting the Empire, we are willing to support this amendment as long as Veinstein labs and innovations may continue its' use of galactic credits outside of The Elysium Empire." she sat. It was a reasonable proposal, but it didn't represent all scientists...just Veinstein Labs' scientists.

There was no droid representative. Of course, there weren't many droids in The Empire currently, but the lack of a counselor here was a flaw in the system.

A man with tanned skin and long, dark hair stood up next. He was a merchant, his ship was part of the fleet. He was the one that brought the resources from Veinstein Labs to the fleet. He had once traded goods in Kessel, but the Bryn had taken the planet. He had lost his family, and his job. He fled to The Elysium Empire for a place to live. "I abstain, but I wish to express my concerns and reasoning. As a merchant, I acquire all kinds of currency. It doesn't affect me, or any other merchants if the Elysium Empire uses its' own currency, and therefore there is no reason for me to take a stance." He sat down, having made no impact on the Senate.

Force Sensitives-

An Ithorian stood. He wore robes, and had dedicated his life to be a jedi. He joined the Empire because he felt the jedi were corrupt, and while their intent was good, they were too weak to support the territory they held. Heath had also met with the Ithorian when he joined, to better understand force-users. He had a great deal of respect for him. The Ithorian spoke, a translator droid repeating the words, in basic. "I abstain." He sat, as the senate remained silent.

Bounty Hunters-
Speaking for Bounty Hunters and mercenaries, a human male with a military cut stood up. He was ripped, and had Mandalorian blood. He said in a hoarse voice: "It doesn't matter, just make sure you have an exchange station so our hard-earned credits are valuable here." He sat down.


A zebrack female rose. She had a bionic arm, and was a well-known engineer, she'd fixed several ships in the fleet before, and was the lead engineer of the Empire. She said "I speak for all engineers in saying I support the amendment." She sat.

Justice Officials-
A female stood, wearing blue robes. She was the sole judge on the fleet. She said "Speaking for all justice officials in the galaxy that support The Elysium Empire, I support the amendment." She sat. Indeed, the Elysium Empire was a fleet, but its' members were everywhere. Anyone that supported the Empire was a citizen of it. The King had declared the galaxy to belong to the Empire, thus anyone could be a citizen.

Law Enforcement-
A Duros male stood up. He wore a white shirt, blue vest, and khaki cargo pants. He spoke fluent basic "Supported...just make sure it goes smoothly, I don't want chaos in the fleet or any planets in the future."

Emergency Services-
A wookie stood up, roaring as a droid translated: "Supported." The wookie was a combat medic, and Heath was surprised that he hadn't abstained or said more about the issue.

Non-Emergency Doctors-N/A

Another Ithorian rose. Translated by the droid, she said "Aliens and humans alike should trust Heath Valhoun and The Empire to make this transition." She sat.


The Final Council member rose. It was an older man, representing all humans in The Elysium Empire. He had the biggest position. Humans made up about 60% of The Elysium Empire's followers. He spoke as the voice of reason and neutrality in almost every council meeting. He was old, and wise, a true representative. He rose, slowly, and then spoke slowly, giving his wisdom to the senate, council, and king. "With all things, we must take this slow. While credits are obviously not the way...establishing a new currency is no small feat. Lives are at stake here, so, with a warning of caution, I support this amendment.." And with that, he sat.

Heath Valhoun had listened to the entire meeting. He knew the outcome would be the passing of the amendment...this council was very united, and they were very charismatic. While there were abstentions and warnings, nobody had spoke against the amendment. This was truly a monumental moment. Heath smiled, as senators discussed and cast their votes.