The Hegemony Calls; The Expansion of the Bulwark against Chaos

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    :: News From Bogo-Rai : :

    Bogo-Rai, the very first world incorporated in the Hegemon's new Imperial Bulwark had been almost wholly decimated in the fighting. Thankfully, the brave efforts of the Catharian Army Corps, and the newly created Shock Marines a high tally of civilian casualties were avoided in the days ahead. With many thousands of former Chiss Army Forces defecting to the Catharian Side during the fighting, the integration of the world into the newly created Imperiami Demensi has been forward as a: Great Push. In both Catharian Parliament and in the newly created Viceroyalty.

    In quick precedence, following the end of the Battle of Bogo-Rai, newly appointed Viceroy and former Hand of the Autocrat, Viceroy Ventius Goerthal has been approved to oversee the reconstruction efforts on planet and in its off-world spaceport. With the establishment of the new-Government on planet headed by a Parliamentary system similar to the one on Cathay. The World's benefits are yet to come.

    In light of the first addition into the Bulwark of Chaos, the Chiss denizens of Bogo'Rai have welcomed the Catharians on world following the surrender of its Garrison to Catharian Forces. The end of Ascendancy rule on Bogo'Rai has been forever snuffed out. Following the end, millions flocked to join the newly created Catharian Reconstruction Corps in order to finally rebuild their crumbling world. With funds coming straight from Cathay, reconstruction seems to be near completion even in the short months Bogo'Rai has been inside of the Bulwark. Catharian leaders are hopeful for a new order and peace.

    The 33rd Catharian Army Tactical Corps, and the 101st Ventian Shock-Troopers are slated to be commended personally by the Autocrat herself on Cathay for their valor and skill in the battle of Bogo'Rai. These two detachments of Cathay's finest warriors have slated themselves to become written in the history books as those who earned the first war-time commendation known as the "Imperial Cross of Cathay". A little known reward, but thought to be the highest honor, only second to joining the Imperial Guardsmen Corps on Cathay.

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    :News from Thearterra:

    Known to have been a volcanic wastland, long before the arrival of the Hegemony on its sulfur choked hellhole. Home to only insects of a Hive formerly unknown to the Chiss Garrison On Planet. Only used in the old-days before the rise of Palpatines Empire as a once prestigious posting for deep-core miners, now abandoned thanks to the dissolution of the Ascendancy following the end of 850 ABY.

    Thearterra so far has been known as the bloodiest battle of the War of the Blue Diamond. With almost thirteen Million Casualties. However, thanks to the efforts of Azel Moran many further casualties have been stopped thanks to his ingenious thinking and technical skill in cracking the Chiss Code on-world. Almost the entirety of the 13th, 14th, and 19th Penal Trooper Legion has been completely wiped out in the desolate fighting located on world, with hundreds of thousands missing in action. However, without the Bravery of a Chosen few. Thearterra would have never been ours.

    In light of the end of the Battle of Thearterra, Its crumbling mining works have now been staffed by hundreds of millions of miners and workers hailing from elsewhere in the Galaxy. Mining materials to further the process of Ceramite refining in the face of this war economy. However, conditions remain poor as newly appointed Head of Workers; Relius Aurelius has stated:

    "Thearterra is a nuclear, and volcanic blasted hellscape with little respite for us who want to pick over the mineral rich ore veins. However, I know that this volcanic hellhole holds an even greater bounty."

    The 13th Catharian Army Corps, Known as the "Vulcan Blades" has established this world as its newly appointed homeworld. And with the introduction of the newly created Shock Marine genome, home to its Legion Headquarters as well.

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    Avidich, Once known as the "Great Jewel" of the Chiss Ascendancy Millennia ago. Is the next target in the Bulwark Against Chaos Initiative. A campaign created and put into action by the best strategic minds the Hegemony has to offer. In the very first attack on Planet, Directorate vessels. Ignoring Intergalactic laws of war, audaciously attacked the Hegemony's landing craft during the Opening hours of the Siege of Avidich. However, thanks to the tactical genius of High Admiral Raxis Keyes, the Directorate attack was quickly thwarted, and their fleet routed into the deep depths of Deep Space.

    A reader may know that Avidich was once attacked by a Vong world-ship immediately following the end of the Galactic Civil War, its remains can still be found in orbit today. Destroyed by guns on the ground. In the years following the end of the Galactic Civil War, Avidich was slowly transformed into a Marshall and highly militaristic society, and created as a defensive gate which stands in the way of the Hegemony's push into Csillia. A fortress world of unforeseen magnitude. Even as half the planet lies in ruins from an early orbital bombardment by the Autocrat herself, the Chiss remain determined to hold the world until the very ground breaks beneath them.

    The Chiss fleet has been shown remarkably well commanded, as shown by the hours after the first orbital bombardments began. Quickly retreating, and coming to attack the Hegemony's fleet's flank. However, repelled each time. We do not know if this battle will end in Victory, for the outcome is undecided at this point in time.

    Stay vigilant, the Hegemony shall never fail in its goal of unification!

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    With the advent of the Earlier Space Marines, created and heralded as the finest of military technology since the invention
    of the Blaster by the Ancients. A replacement has already been drummed up for the extensive number of regularized Space Marines. Currently in the prototype-stage, the newly created genome and biochemical enhancements coined: "The Shock Marine Genome" is the next stage in Marine development past their abilities as mere hulking beasts of war, to more human-sized and maneuverable Super-Soldiers.

    What we do know about this prototype genome, is that it now includes DNA from all 20 of the Progenitor sons and daughters of Xzaien, which includes previously classified gene sequences that now continue to blur the line between man, cathar, and alien alike. The first Shock Marine is known to exist. A Female of unknown age and species. What we do know, through information given to us by the Scientists in the Institute of Technology, is that this Marine is stronger, faster, meaner, and more powerful than its older counterpart. Including a far more stable genetic sequence that no longer only provides its benefits to one sex specifically.

    Now, with this new technology, we may now see Female Shock Marines walking among their male counterparts.

    Each Shock Marine is designed with many variables and modularity in its genome design. Huge hulking behemoths of Men designed to collapse entire buildings, to human sized shock troopers designed to get behind enemy lines and strike hard at their rear. A new discovery, forever making the former archaic Space Marine seem more and more primitive by each passing day.

    We are one in the Autocrat. We are one in the eyes of the Hegemony.

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