File: Akure Containment Priority 223

Security Classification: Kursk

Security Procedures: ACP is located ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||. ACP-223 to be kept encased in grade 3 nullification resin. Only Qek-grade personnel, and no droids, may make physical contact with ACP-223, and then only in the course of Protocol Zash or, in exigent circumstances, Protocol Zash-Two.

Acquisition Notes: ACP-223 was encountered during a routine delivery to a Silver Jedi Order relief/takeover initiative on Zygerria. It was located in a crystal cave, three (3) meters below surface level, on the |||||||||||| at ||||||||||. A vertical column of light was seen to ascend from the entrance to the cave; this radiance ceased upon completion of Protocol Zash. Local Force-using elements of Knight and Apprentice level were recorded engaging in illogical and aggressive behavior within roughly twenty (20) meters of the entrance to the cave. ACP-223 was seen to cause a significant attractive and protective urge upon a Jedi possessed by a |||||||||||||| entity. The asset reached a containment agreement with a Master of the SJO, |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (believed to be |||||||||||||||||||), and conducted Protocol Zash in exigent circumstances. Protocol Zash-Two was conducted and, after nine (9) days, found to be ineffective in the ACPE-796-Q event, which resulted in the deaths of |||| AEI personnel.

Description: ACP-223 is metallic (apparently durasteel), 110cm in length, 4.032kg in mass, and bearing the general form of a hammer. The sides of its head are studded with 34 mephite adegan crystals of a cut, clarity and carat weight suitable for lightsaber construction. For approximately the last ||||||||| years, the hammer has been an anchor point for a |||||||||||| entity. When the hammer makes physical contact with a sentient being, the entity attempts to take control of the being and integrate itself into the host psyche. Protocol Zash constrains the entity to the hammer, rendering it inert, for anywhere between twenty (20) minutes and six (6) standard days, depending on no discernible factors. Protocol Zash-Two renders the hammer inert for four (4) to twelve (12) standard days, after which the entity returns to the hammer. Protocol Zash-Three has not been attempted as per directoral orders.

The entity, when inhabiting a sentient host (or non-sentient, as established by the ACPE-796-S event), demonstrates telekinetic, pyrokinetic, tutaminic and psychic abilities at a |||||||||| level. Communications with the entity, either through direct contact with ACP-223, or verbally through a sentient host, have provided no useful information. The entity expresses a singleminded condescension and will to dominate, but otherwise has little obvious personality. At this time, Protocol Zash-Three appears the only option for a potential permanent solution, but sustained performance of Protocol Zash remains the order of the day.