STATION: Dromund Kaas.
ENTRY: #1.

I'm not sure what I expected I would find when I left Kashyyyk but the way in which I made contact with the Sith was something else entirely. I had managed to get aboard public transport heading into Sith Space, some World on the border crossing from Commenor that we were meant to refuel upon.

Instead, I found myself in the middle of a war between the Empire and another Imperial group supported by the New Jedi Order, a different organization than those on Kashyyyk yet word has probably gotten back to Caedyn by now that I'm gone.

I managed to keep my head down long enough to find one of the Students of the Sith Order, what they call an Acolyte, who then managed to get me to Dromund Kaas, their Capital, where I was then introduced to Zeptepi Zambrano who is...-Also something else. She's my age, if not a year younger maybe, yet she's powerful in the Force and has the respect and authority over their troops. I can't tell if I'm intimidated by her or impressed, maybe both, and I'm to be her Apprentice from here on out.

Being assigned a Master was not part of the plan, but I'm not complaining. Already she has shown me how to use telekinesis and shatterpoint, abilities that I learned in a way that the Jedi would never perform, yet the knowledge and experienced gained through her connecting with my mind and taking control the way she did...-It felt natural as drawing in a breath.

I'm now a registered member of the Sith Order, and their archive database has been opened to me. I was right about the Disciples of Typhojem, I've found articles already relating to an ancient Sith Lord who the Empire seems to revere, or at least the Sith Order does.

These Cultists used to be part of the Order long ago, but they disbanded from the Empire for some reason. I tried to find our why but my access as an Acolyte only goes so far and the rest was classified, restricted to higher security clearance...

For now, I suppose I will have to look for another lead, maybe ask my new Master about the Cult next I see her. I'm wary about how much I tell her, I don't yet know her well and she's already proven just how aggressive the Sith can be in their testing the limits of their students.

I don't understand what reasons she had for provoking me, or why those Acolytes needed to get involved but if I'm to survive long enough to find out where my parents are, who they are, and what role the cult has in their lives, then I need the power she's willing to teach me.

In their own way, the Sith are willing to help me achieve my goals. The Jedi offered me less. Had it been Caedyn's way, I'd have spent years sitting on my hands in that Temple when I've already made progress in the space of a couple of weeks.

It's interesting though, to come face to face with the Sith. The Jedi talk about them as though there's nothing worse, and yes there's no doubt in my mind that they're a violent people, but the way Zeptepi talks about the Order and about her way makes it sound like there's so much more to it and I can't help but find myself interested to understand her more, what motivates her and what it is about the Sith that the Jedi fear so much. As long as I keep my wits about me then hopefully things will become clearer in the next few weeks.