It was always a challenge coming home. Her parents were no long with her, but many of her childhood items were here, and her father’s collection of kyber crystals. It seemed that Trent Waters was not the most focused with his Force powers, but he was a collector. He had kyber from across the galaxy, and that felt back into the ownership of Brooke. As she stepped into the small house she kept on her homeworld. Stepping in, her black cat Kona jumped off her shoulder and ran onto the ground. She heard her D-O unit, Cone, activate and start chasing Kona around.

A smile on her face, the blonde waved her hand and the Force illuminated the reef crystals she had around the room. She was going to need to transport this home. She had her Z-95 on the island, and Starlit Sea on Kattada. She’d have to head out there and swap the vessels.

“Coney, can you help me record?” The blonde said as she sat down in front of her books. There was a holocron of an ancient healer, not a Jedi, Matukai, her father said. Brooke took the small carrier she had and placed it down. “Come out little one,” She stated as she coaxed the small injured animal, a local fox, with its leg caught in a trap.

She looked at the reddish fox and smiled. Calling on the Force, the blonde began whispering her song, a spell of magick from the Force. She had a share of Jedi and Witch in her and she knew the healing power of the Force. The blonde was focusing and the lights were dimming and brightening, as she was pulling the Force through the kyber, using them as focal points. Bending the Force the way she has seen echinoderms, she could feel it charging and changing within the fox.

As the spell continued, and she moved her hands, a motion to help her focus her power and bend it to her will. Filling the aura and space of the fox’s missing leg. She could feel it… the raw wound becoming an angry pink, an angry pink of healing.

The droid and her cat were circling her, one to get a better view, the other to be part of the bending. Kona was definitely working as Brooke’s companion animal. And she was witnessing her human bending the Force to right an injury that others doubted could be remedied.