For those who do know what a holocron is, the general belief is that it's a device that contains information on Force powers and lightsaber techniques, and that by accessing it, the gatekeeper of the holocron will share that information if it senses you're prepared. While that's true, a holocron is far more than that. Many Jedi tell their stories, share words of wisdom and give a sense of what they have experienced, so that any Jedi of the future who accesses it will know what they were thinking and feeling.
It's far greater than a simple journal or a holovid. The fact that you can interact with such a device, that it allows you to fall into the depths of its knowledge is one of the greatest tools of the Jedi.
However, today is not about looking inside of it, but giving it more to share.
It's been a long time since I've shared anything in it, but I guess that with my return to the Galaxy, a Galaxy that has changed far more than I could ever imagine, I need to tell of what I'm experiencing.
To say I was shocked that the Galactic Republic had returned and that there was a Jedi Order working alongside of it would be short of the emotions I felt. There was hope and elation that they had come back, but there was also worry in my heart. Fear is a path of the Dark Side, but worry is needed, for it helps anticipate predicted attacks.
The One Sith are naturally that worry...
The fact that they sit on Coruscant unopposed is indeed worrisome. I don't know why I have such a problem with Coruscant in of itself. Naturally, I don't want the Sith to have control of any planet, to reign upon any populace, but Coruscant irks me. However, what makes Coruscant different from any other planet? Is it because I used to live there, or that the Jedi Order called it home for thousands of years, or that for most of history, it was the capital of the Galaxy?
I'll have to think on it more...
Though, they're not the only threats. It seems with each passing day, more and more factions enter this Galaxy, each filled with tremendous and deadly people. There used to be a time when the Jedi were the greatest force in the Galaxy, all in the name of defending others, but now, we're only one of many.
How I will come to see this is a bit disconcerting. Though, perhaps with being in this new Order, with meeting so many people, I will find my place in the Galaxy again.
I have to finish this, for I have a meeting with Corvus Raaf, the Grandmaster. I hear she's a splendid Jedi, and I have many questions to ask her, for everything I've experienced so far in my life may seem like a simple test compared to what I could experience in this new Galaxy...