Alchemy. Its definitely something that tends to lend itself to a Sith sorcerer in a lab on some acidic or lava planet, taking an animal and twisting it to become a war machine. A war beast. Something worse than it is. Something armored and threatening. Jedi have seen it, most of the galaxy that has been struck by the Sith Lords have seen it. But Alchemy, all on its own? Its not something evil. In Allyan magick, its merely bestowing properties onto something through use of… well, magick, or the Force. Imbuing an item, as has been popular with the Jedi of late. But for me? I don’t seen any reason to call it something else.

And as you have seen, Seeker, that I’ve found other uses for it. To help with ‘uplift’, which sounds so positive, and really is. Sure, it may not be the
natural order of things but its nothing that can be done with consent of the creature. Of course, it can be used to change the very nature of something inanimate, but that isn’t something I particular worry about.

But today, dear Seeker, I bring you here to provide a small lesson. I have been working on Kattada, with the imported Blue Corals as well as some of the natural, to start to bend the way they grow, in order to produce Kyber. With the galaxy always having a shortage, I felt it could be worth while to produce it on a world, naturally, and off the record. There is a Jedi Temple here… and the crystals are still a long way off from being useful to anyone.

Still… this is what I did…