Welcome, once again, viewers to this edition of 'The Galaxy at a Glance.' I'm your host, Lee Strum, reporting live from Sullust, the now capital world of the Galactic Alliance. Today in the galaxy marks a historic event. The Galactic Alliance has secured their position of power on Sullust and has been contacted by the local governments of Sluis Van and Dorvella to form the center of the Alliance. The latter worlds, as is in the bylaws of the Alliance, will keep their standing government, with fiscal assistance from one another when it is needed, so long as they provide ships and personnel to the Galactic Alliance Defense Force.
We are in contact with the offices of the Chief of State and the Defense Force. It appears that they have their eyes set to other local worlds, including Eriadu, to free them from tyranny and the influence of the Dark Side. After our strike on Coruscant, it will be interesting to see how the Alliance handles neighboring superpowers, such as the Techno Union, on nearby Naboo.
Reports coming in from members of our New Jedi Order are claiming that the Dark Side hasn't seen anything like this before, and should be concerned about their continued existence.
This is Lee Strum, reminding you to stand together, Alliance Citizens.