It binds all living things… Something to that extent was said by an ancient Jedi Master, and it was one of the first lessons I learned as a Jedi, but that was before… before I added more to my person, to the Force as I see it. The Allyan Magick is different than the Jedi approach. The magick of the galaxy, centering around Dathomir was very important, but as the Witches left the world, they began to experience the Force elsewhere. And that was kind of a short way to get to the current situation.

A witch, born of Pamarthe, trained in the ways of the Jedi on Savareen, and found the Witches later on. Now working for the Jedi as the Witch Elder and one who was keeping the control and direction of at least one of the Clans on the world of Kattada. And now the Witch Elder was out having a sail, an old form of travel and learning Pamartheans and numerous other worlds did. But it was what got her thinking.

The Force had so many pathways to the same ends, Jedi, Sith, Witches, Jensaarai, just to name a few. But what got me thinking today, as I drift in the doldrums? The Kro Var Shapers. They called on the elements of the worlds around them. It would be something neat to do here. Sure, there were spells for it, but the whole point of listing this down? A lesson, after all.

The Force is a tool, it’s a weapon, but its something to be used, however, maybe its not always to be used. Sure, a Witch can cast a spell that can affect the weather, alter environment, in the tone of the Jedi, but perhaps not everything needs to be rushed. Perhaps we need to learn lessons from the Force, from being in the moment?

Sure, I don’t know what a doldrum for the past… oh literal solar hour… can teach me, but everyone should remember, being present helps.