The following entry records my work on a sort of... surprise for Anija. She's been building her armor for a bit now. I think she's still in the design phase, but overall I know what she's aiming for with the beskar'gam. She wants to use it for engineering work and maintenance jobs, which is understandable. With that in mind, she might need a little help from time to time, especially when she's working on her own or with people that aren't as well trained as her. So, with that in mind, I put together a little something for her.

I call it a Advanced Neural Network - Engineer, or ANNE for short. I'm not hugely knowledgeable in engineering things, so I roped in a few folks that are. Got their input and their advice on the matter and followed it. So, hopefully, between my basic know how, their input, and the pair of computer techs I snagged from MandalTech, this thing will work.

ANNE is a pretty basic AI nodule, of sorts. I designed it solely as an Engineering aide to help out Anija with things on the job, but it kind of... got added to. I tossed in more tools and gadgets, all digital of course. Added in extra processing power and database storage. I even tossed in a holoprojector that can be edited and "drawn" on by Anija using just her hands. Toss in that I managed to get the AI to act as a Class 1 Droid Brain, at least in calculating power, and the foundation was pretty solid.

So far, I've managed to get the thing to have a lot of bells and whistles in a small package, for which I should thank those computer programmers and those engineers. And by "thank" I mean "give a few cases of beer". Anyways, ANNE has a great deal of things Anija can use in her work. I mentioned the holoprojector that she can draw on. That's an add on to a type of program that projects holo-blueprints that can be altered or edited while projected. It used to require a stylus, but I figure if I can sneak the same material of the stylus into the gloves of her armor, she can use her fingertips to edit and draw and such, instead of having to find a bloody stylus each time. Next, came a CAD system. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design, which the AI has a series of programs to help in that. I hooked it up to the blueprint thing and the holoprojector. It should work pretty well. That will allow her to draw and create anything she needs in the field and then use those plans to make the things she's supposed to. She can even use the encrypted comms to send the design back to the workshop to have a part or tool made, if she needed to.

ANNE also has a built in, advanced calculator. Well, that's admittedly oversimplifying it, but ANNE can make complex, really complex, calculations very rapidly and, from what I've tested, can make many such calculations at a time. I also tossed in a holoprojected laser and a standard laser, both of the construction variants. This allows her to make sure things are... straight, I guess. It's got a distance measure laser, a rotary laser (360 degree arc. I guess it's supposed to make floors level?), a laser line leveler, a plumb laser (so you can lay a plumb line apparently), and a pipe laser (something to do with aligning pipes and things).

The AI even has access to a Magnetic Locator. Apparently, this contraption allows the user to locate anything magnetic in walls, floors, or ceilings. I figure she might find this useful for... things. ANNE can also do survey work on the fly. I've found she's extremely accurate with that for some reason. Maybe it's all the laser levelers and holoprojectors. Also, it has a built in compass and clinometer. With those, she can find directions and sight directions along with slope readings.

Overall, I find the whole idea to be a great success. Well... mostly. It seems ANNE has created her own... personality of sorts. She's a bit snarky and witty at the best of times. Did I mention ANNE is a she? Apparently when I tried to install the basic, stock variant personality in from one of the droid brains, it overrode the male personality core and rebuilt the data. It read that its name was ANNE when it started restructuring the data and decided that it was a female personality AI. I'm not fully sure how to feel about it, but it seems to work well and I figure that ANNE and Anija will get along, more or less.

Like I said, ANNE is snarky and witty. She's also full of commentary, though not all of it is helpful. She has a tendency to aggravate me at times, though that may just be because she knows she can get a rise out of me. She also has a penchant for making sarcastic remarks at times, often when you're working on something or attempting something. She's quick to give readings or calculations, though, which is good for an engineering AI, though I wish she'd stop pulling pranks at times. Her sense of humor is... limited, at times. She has to be wired into the beskar'gam's helmet computers and sensors to fully function and enjoys playing with the settings occasionally. Once, she set it for Huttese. I got lucky because I know a bit of Huttese and my helmet has a translator computer. Unfortunately, she once set it for Ugnaught. That was fun. I had to grab one of the computer programmers that helped me out to reset it. After that, she left my settings alone and instead started downloading holonet movies to my helmet computer. Apparently she enjoys all twenty four seasons of Real Fondorian Housewives because I have all of them downloaded to my helmet. She was halfway through season nine when I pulled my helmet on to head off planet. When I tried to shut it off to pilot my old Pathfinder, she responded by swapping my settings back to Ugnaught. For the moment, she's detached from my helmet and set into another one where she can watch her shows. If I remember correctly, Anija likes that show. Maybe they'll get along nicely.

Or maybe Anija will beat me with her helmet. Who knows.