Continuing the series of previews from the last expansion to Age of Chaos, Galactic Illusionary Gaming is proud to announce its next main expansion will be titled Age of Chaos: Light of Ashla. The new set is focused upon the guardians of peace and justice within the galaxy, the various Jedi Orders, and other organizations that profess a loyalty to the Light Side of the Force. Below you'll find a few cards that showcase the overarching theme that Galactic Illusionary Gaming was inspired by for the set.


Growth is a major component for Light of Ashla, reflected in the new Keyword ability of Rank and the new Activated Ability Ascension. Rank determines what cards can be targeted by a Forceful Being's Force Power abilities, unless otherwise stated by the ability itself. Ascension allows the player to search their deck for a higher Rank card and place it on top of the lower Rank card, with the card on top gaining all the abilities of the card or cards underneath it. This allows for a high number of combinations of abilities and quickly power up your Forceful Being cards. In that vain, the company has also determined that, for the first time, cards from a previous set will be reprinted and updated with new wording for some abilities. Below are just a few of the cards being reprinted in comparison to their old printing, along with updated rarities.



For those that own copies of the older cards, Galactic Illusionary Gaming is happy to replace any older cards with the new printings, free of charge. Simply bring them in to any partnered retail location or send it directly to one of our company's distribution centers and trade it in. We look forward to sharing more news on our exciting next expansion in the near future.​