It's... Been a long time since I've brought thoughts to parchment. Well... Thoughts to data, that is. I've been gone... How long now? I don't know, my human contacts been very little aside from managing my business. I barely leave my property now, I spend my days training... Meditating... Reading... Learning...

My mind is clear now. I don't grieve anymore. For the order that has, in a way, died... For the Republic, even for those I have loved and lost. My emotions are in check once again, starting fresh.

I've done a lot of thinking. My ideals, my restriction to simply looking at the light side of the Force... Where did it get me? My own Order... The one I loved, and was loyal to until the end... It cast me aside because of those ideals, because I followed them, because I followed the light side of the Force to the letter.

Now, I'm not going to toss those ideals aside just because of a little peer pressure. Sorry, Sithlies, that's never going to happen. But... Am I restricting myself by only looking at the way the Jedi use the Force? Why does the Sith work as they do, in contrast to the Jedi, and use the Force accordingly? A Jedi always wants to learn... Maybe that's knowledge I just need to find.

Maybe it's time I found out.

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