Felt you could all use a break.

So, here.

This is the Levantine Astronautical Academy on Oswaft Station. Science, command, exploration, diplomacy, navigation, tactics, engineering, cadet cruises, terrible uniforms. If Starfleet Academy floats your boat, give it a shot. It's a subfaction of the Levantine Sanctum, but you don't have to be an LS member to join. Join as a cadet, or be an instructor, or visit on an exchange program from another faction so long as politics gets left at the door. We've got exchange agreements with the Jedi Academy network, but Force rank means nothing at the Levantine Astronautical Academy. There's a lot of people involved in this at an OOC and IC level; I'm the messenger boy. Start your own training missions, class threads, social threads -- do what you like, if the setting appeals to you. And no pressure.




If this doesn't float your boat, I've wasted forty-five seconds of your time. If you dig it, I've appealed to your desire for something new and different in order to try and sell you on something new and different.